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5 Jan 2010

Review: Estee Lauder Day Wear Plus Multi Protection Anti-Oxidant Cream SPF 15.

I was kindly sent this a few weeks back by my lovely gorgeous friend Sarah, over @ I Heart Cosmetics. I was using another moisturiser at the time, but couldn't wait to give this a try and let my face experience some luxury.

The jar Sarah sent me is a 15ml trial size jar, but there is more than enough in it to last me a good few weeks. The price of a full size 50ml jar retails at £33 which I actually think is excellent value for money, as I could see it lasting quite a while.

Estee Lauder describe it as a moisturiser to help prevent signs of aging before they appear. Which is just perfect for me. At 28 I don't have any real tell tale signs of aging, so for me its all about prevention.

What Estee Lauder Say:  


Winner of InStyle 100 Best Beauty Buys 2008: Best moisturiser with an SPF.


This protective moisturiser actively shields skin to help prevent lines before they appear — so your skin looks smoother and healthier, longer.

Helps protect skin from the multiple assaults of the environment:

Anti-Oxidant Protection

An ultra potent blend of anti-oxidants includes rare South African Red Tea, Grape Seed, and a supercharged combination of Vitamins C and E.

Re-energises skin's own defenses with White Birch Extract and Eukarion.

UV Protection

Helps turn away the sun's damaging rays with a skin-friendly, ultra gentle SPF 15 sunscreen.

Moisture Protection

Dual moisture system keeps skin feeling hydrated and healthy.

A special moisture magnet provides an instant burst of hydration.

Our nourishing Tri-Lipid Blend boosts skin's own moisture barrier so internal moisture is conserved.

What Jo says:

As mentioned earlier, I was quite excited about using this moisturiser, its packed with antioxidants and a lot of other skin improving properties aswell as SPF. The first thing that hits you upon use is the sweet smell of cucumbers. The texture is lightweight and non greasy and once applied it sinks in almost immediately and does feel extremely lightweight on the skin but leaving my skin well moisturised . I actually look forward to applying this, it really does feel luxurious on my face and is the perfect base for make up, my make up seems to go on so smoothly and looks flawless. Since Ive started using it, I've also been getting quite a few comments about my complexion, which is very rare for me. I really am dreading the day when my jar runs out as I know that Ive tried no other moisturiser that has worked and give me benefits like this has.

Overall opinion:

A truly excellent cream. The only downside is the price. But like I said earlier, I'm confident a 50ml jar will last a fair few months. I feel like my skin has been spoilt now and I don't like the fact of having to pay over £30 for a moisturiser, but I don't know if Ill be able to go back to using my previous L'oreal one. I was really happy with the L'oreal one I was using, but now my skin has tasted this and Ive seen the benefits of it, I'm scared to even say I could well end up forking out £33. Damn you Sarah!!!! Haha.


  1. I love this moisturiser too! :D Im not using it at the moment because of project bathroom, but I cant wait to use it again! :D


  2. I love my EA products, but dont thin ive tried this yet, although I fear getting hooked by top end stuff...
    You might ned different products inthe summer though, so you might be able to mix and match.
    P.s. perfume review is after he brush review

  3. Muahaha shall I send you some samples of Sisley next time though? Jokes I'd have to steal the testers from the counter to be able to afford them ;)

  4. You do definitely pay for quality, and I think it's a real investment buy! ;)

  5. I agree with Jen you get what you pay for and this sounds like its worth every penny


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