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17 Oct 2010

Disappointing Purchase - Bourjois Bio Detox Organic Foundation.

I've read two reviews today from fellow bloggers on Bourjois' new foundation Bio Detox, so I thought I would add my thoughts too.

I was actually really excited when Bourjois released this foundation. I already own and love two of their other foundations; 10 Hour Sleep Effect and Healthy Mix so I was convinced I was going to love this one too.

"A perfect complexion and fresh, pure skin with each application

This foundation, whose formula is of 98,8% natural origin perfectly evens out complexion and leaves skin pure and fresh and minimizes the appearance of pores.

It is also enriched with anti-pollution, oxygen-rich plant chlorophyll, for a detoxified skin with each application.

Its formula with organic plant water melts onto the skin without leaving a mask effect.

And... it’s good for skin!

•Non occlusive, oil-free formula

•Anti-shine, natural rice powder

•Dermatologically tested"

To put it simply, this is the worst foundation I have tried in a long time. It was awful to apply. It didn't blend well at all. It wouldn't apply evenly and the finish was a horrible cakey looking bland matte finish. It also seemed to totally change colour on my face and basically just looked wrong in every sense.

I do think maybe this foundation is aimed more towards people with really oily skin. I have combination/normal skin. It is oily around my t zone and most of the time pretty normal on the rest of my face. Sometimes I do experience dry cheeks. When I tried this foundation though I had no dryness at all and my skin is actually in perfect condition at the moment. That being said.. I think I had a pretty decent base to use this foundation on and it failed me big time!


  1. Ugh I swatched that in Boots and it went all clumpy on my hand, talk about crap!

  2. What a shame this was so disappointing! I am always intrigued with more natural products but sometimes they just can't live up to their claims. One of my biggest pet peeves w foundation is when it changes color- ugghhh so horrible to see that in the mirror after applying.

    thanks for the post jeanie

  3. you see now i love this, not when my skin is dry but you do need to blend quickly otherwise it sets which is a royal pain in the arse!!

  4. Oh no :( I really wanted to try this foundation because like you, I love the 10hr Sleep Effect and Healthy Mix. Is it similar to Revlon's Colourstay at all? x

  5. @ Lollipop - No hun, totally different from Colourstay. Colourstay is one of my favourite foundations and this doesn't have a patch on it.

  6. I think it's really good when people post reviews of things they don't like as it's always good to know of products to avoid. I've been wanting to try the Healthy Mix which i've heard really good reviews about but I don't think i'll be trying this one. xxx

  7. Horrible horrible foundation and very yellow toned I found, I was so disappointed because a lot of people said it was amazing.

  8. thanks for your review! now I know better to avoid this lol I had Healthy Mix and it's good so when this new one came out i was hoping that it would live up to the expectation...!

  9. hmmm think I will avoid this one! I loved the healthy mix, but I cant stand drying foundations, I feel so uncomfortable all day, urgh... thanks for this review chick! xx

  10. Bleurgh I was turned off this foundation because of the chlorophyll claims, I though they were a load of crap :X

  11. This is exactly what happened to me when I tried it! I was left puzzled because everyone else loved it. I've just tried it for the second time today with an ELF flat top kabuki brush and it applied perfectly, I was shocked! Glad I can not waste the rest now :) x

  12. Ahhhh, maybe I should try that. I still have it upstairs I think. Thanks Amy. xx

  13. i really like this, you should give it another try, the reason it doesnt blend is because theres no silicone in it because its organic, you have to either work quickly before it sets - fingers is best. Or alternatively apply it roughly to the face, let it set, then blend it in with your fingers once its a cream consistency, it lasts all day and has good oil control. give it another go! x


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