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30 Sep 2009

Any recommendations for a good Nail Polish Remover?

Hi Ladies

Have any of you got any recommendations for a good Nail Polish Remover? Im currently using Superdrugs own and well... I hate it.  It basically does a crap job of removing my polish, plus it stains all my nails and fingers! I'm not a happy bunny :( I used a really good one at my boyfriends house at weekend (no he doesn't wear nail polish haha .. his sister does :P) so I know there's good ones out there ha, so I'm hoping some of you ladies will be able to recommend one please :D



  1. Cutex! It's like £2 max in Superdrug and some Boots :) removes polish effortlessly! Unless it's glittery polish, but that's always a bastard to remove right? :) xo

  2. You know what... that might be the one I used at my boyfriends at weekend come to think of it! Ill pop into boots today and get some.

    Cheers gorgeous.. xxxxxx

    And yeah... its a right bastard that glittery stuff! haha.


  3. boots own nail varnish remover is amazing! and its deaad cheap too
    with this, its easy to get glittery nail varnish off


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