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10 Nov 2009

Anyone tried this before?

Well yesterday while In boots, I picked up once of these..

Boots Facial Exfoliating sponge. Ive been looking for something like this for a while now, as I do like to make sure my face is really really clean, I like to give it a good scrub basically ha. Ive been suffering with dry cheeks a lot lately as well, and had a bit of a break out, so thought I could use this daily with my Neutrogena 2 in 1 wash and mask, just to give my face a bit of gentle exfoliation each day. So was just wondering if any of you Ladies have ever tried it?


  1. I think I have something similar to this by Laura Mercier. They give it out with their face masks. It's a round sponge. I love removing face masks with it. It makes my skin feel even smoother.

  2. I used to use these kinda sponges before but they just scratched me up. You know what's really good to scrub your skin with? The face brush from The Body Shop, it's only a fiver and lasts ages, I use it with all my exfoliators.


  3. was this before or after harveys shoplifting haha

    Ive not tried this but it looks good. let us know what its like :)

  4. Ooo thanks Rham, Ill take a look at that.

    And yeah Charly, thats what I was buying when he decided he wanted to rob some nail polish remover hahah.


  5. PMSL take Harvey to Harvey Nicks next time! He could accidentally take a shine to some YSL and Chanel!

    I haven't tried them but the face brush that was already mentioned is apparently really good, my mum's friend has used one for years and she loves it x

  6. I haven't tried this but am curious now. I've only used Coastal Scents' face brush before, and its quite nice, but a sponge might have a different effect.

  7. Lol@the shoplifting kid. My cousin once managed to snaffle some face products from Debenhams.

    I went to the Body Shop today and they had the face brush with a smaller handle and it was only £2 something



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