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8 Nov 2009

Blogger of the week!

Well this is a first for me... never done this before, but there's one girl out there that I think is just adorable and she deserves a mention. She deserves so many more followers. Shes lovely in every way, always leaves me such lovely comments, she does a great job of working with Children and her blog is fantastic I love it!

Charly... you're my blogger of the week sweetie!!!

You'll find Charly @ Charly Sparkles... please pay her a visit and become a follower, you won't be disappointed Ladies.


  1. awwww i was sooo chuffed when i saw this :D actually bought the biggest smile to my face! thank you so much hun :D means the world to me

    yaaaay :D

  2. Such a great idea, and I like her blog too. :)Emma x

  3. I love her blog! Just joined =) How sweet of you to share the love ♥

  4. You're welcome sweetie.

    And awww thank you Shifa, she really is a lovely lovely girl.



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