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23 Nov 2009

Facial Skincare storage.

Ive been looking for something for a while now, just to hold all my everyday facial skincare items, the ones I tend to use most. I always apply my skincare products in my bedroom, where my big mirror is. The sides of my dressing table and chest of drawers were starting to get really cluttered and I hate clutter and everything on show, so I can't rave enough about this small storage tower that I picked up from ASDA for £7.

It has 4 pull out drawers and fits perfectly on one of the smaller chest of drawers that I have under my mirror.

The top drawers contains all my eye creams/gels, my daily moisturiser, night cream, lip butters, serums etc.

The second drawer is just a random drawer containing cleanser, toner, spot treatment, hand cream, face scrub etc.

The third drawer is where my facial wipes are, along with my cotton wool pads and eye make up removers and pads.

And the fourth drawer is just another random drawer containing face masks, exfoliators etc

These drawers are just so perfect for me, they look clean and tidy and everything is in easy reach.


  1. And I thought I had a lot of skin care. lol.
    Great post hunni

  2. You've half of Boots in there lol i have this one too yay thou I only paid £4 for mine think asda had it on offer a few months ago :)

  3. Wow, you have loads there! :p Im trying to use most of mine up at the moment! My bathroom is a complete state with everything that I have in there. Cant wait to move into my new house and have a whole cabinet dedicated to my stuff :p


  4. I have one of these storage systems too from Wilko, so cheap but so useful!! :) xxx


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