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1 Nov 2009

October Favourites 2009

I cannot believe how fast October has flown, infact this whole year is just flying by. My Harvey is ONE this month :o can't believe it! Only seems like yesterday that I was stood shopping in Asda (alone) and my waters broke.

Anyway onto my October Favourites. Ive been loving soo many products this month, but I decided to just pick out a select few, otherwise I'd be here all night ha. Ooops just noticed I numbered one product twice, so ignore that ladies, there is 8 products not 9, silly me.

1. Marc Jacobs Lola - I simply adore this! I'm so glad I bought it. The scent lingers on me for so long. I think its took over Dior Addict as being my favourite scent.

2. N-SPA Vanilla Shower and Bath Gel - This stuff is amazing!  Its smells so divine. I use it as bubble bath and the smell fills the whole bathroom and even travels down the stairs. I also use another N-SPA product in vanilla which is a body scrub, I literally smell good enough to eat!

3. Lee Stafford Shine Head - I bought this trail size version a couple of weeks ago and I'm so pleased with it, Ill be buying the full size version as soon as this ones run out. It does exactly what it says on the tin and really does give my hair a really nice sexy shine.

4. Soap and Glory Super Eyes - I really like this product. I'm quite fussy with my eye gels and creams, but this has worked so well for me, as good as my other favourite which is Clinique All About Eyes. Its really fast absorbing and leaves no stickiness, so its perfect for applying in the morning, before I apply my make up.

5. Boots 17 Instant Glow Bronzer in Light - This is the perfect bronzer for me, I use it with a Kabuki brush and literally just applying it all over my face, it just gives me such a nice subtle hint of colour. Its not fake looking and just applies to my skin so well. Its so cheap aswell, under £3 I think. I'm not far off hitting pan on it, so guaranteed Ill be buying another one.

6. Rimmel Blush in Pink Rose - Ive been using this colour nearly all month long, and I really do love it. It gives me the perfect glow to my cheeks, so natural looking.

7. Nars Mekong - Well I recently posted about this after waiting for so long to get it, then I finally did and I'm not disappointed one bit. Its amazing! So gorgeous.

8. Barbara Daly Light Illusion Powder Highlighter - Ive been using this virtually non stop since I bought it. Its a really really light shimmery pink colour and is the perfect highlighter for me to highlight my cheekbones.

Have you ladies tried any of my favourites?


  1. Great post!

    I love all of your favourites - especially marc jacobs lola perfume & nars mekong, this eyeshadow is amazing!

    <3 xox

  2. NARS mekong looks soo good, i think i might order it now! im def going to get that 17 bronzer, does it come out proper dark, or does it look shimmery? great post jo! xxx

  3. Ooh I love Rimmel Blushes!! I don't have that color yet, I must find it!!

  4. Where do you get N-Spa stuff from? I love Vanilla bath/shower stuff.

    I have NARS Mekong. Lovely e/s.

  5. I will definitely check out the Barbara Daly now you have recc'd it, I just usually walk past in Tesco as I haven't really heard much about it but will stop and look now!

  6. Hey hun, I've nominated you for a blog award :)

  7. I love N-SPA and blogged about it recently. It smells you good I want to eat it!!! I have Pink Rose but haven't used it forever. Might give it a go tomorrow.


  8. Great post hun! :) That shower gel/bath stuff sounds gorgeous!! And I use the 17 Bronzer too, good isnt it xxx

  9. @ Dolly Mixture - thank you darlin' mekong is just fab isn't it hehe.

    @ Parissa - Nope its not dark at all babes, thats why I can get away with using it all over. Its just so natural and not overly shimmery either, just a little shimmer. Its my Kabuki brushes best friend haha.

    @ Lisa Kate - yep.. get your hands on it hunny, you wont be dissapointed.

    @ Vex - My Asda stock it hunny, so Im assuming all Asdas do. Its just been on promotion too.. for £2. Its been flying off the shelves.

    @ Sarah - I've been pleased with all the Barbara Daly stuff Ive bought, oh except the concealer, that was just too thick for me, couldn't work with it.

    @ Tanya - Oh wow.. thank you so much hunny, Ill go and check it out now!

    @ Eliza - Yeah I remember reading your blog post about it. It really is good stuff!

    @ Chloe - Thanks gorgeous. I love the 17 bronzer, glad to know someone else likes it too hehe.

    Thanks for all your comments ladies... love reading them so much! xxx

  10. hmm it seems I need mekong! I love the mx of products on your list :D


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