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2 Nov 2009

QOTD - How do you remove your make up at the end of each day?

... Im just really interested to see how other people take their make up off basically. Do you use the 3 in 1 facial wipes, do you use a cleanser and follow with a toner, do you use cotton wool pads,  muslin cloths etc. You get the idea.

Let me know Ladies.. hehe.


  1. I personally wash my face first with Dove soap to get the majority of my makeup off, then I use Tea Tree wipes to get my eye makeup off, then I just moisturise after that. Dove is the only soap I can use, it's so gentle! I don't like to use too many products as that can strip your skin and dry it out, especially in winter. Hope this helps!

  2. I massage Simple cleanser into my skin, including my eyelashes, let it absorb for a few seconds, then wipe off with a baby wipe. It's the best method I've found so far, removes every scrap of makeup and leaves my skin feeling refreshed! xxx

  3. I remove my eyemake up first using the No 7 eye makeup remover and some cotton wool pads. Then I wash my face using the Garnier cleansing milk and finally a face wash which I remove by splashing with water and using a face cloth to gently exfoliate x

  4. I start off by:
    1.taking my eye make up off with boots botanics eye makeup remover with cotton pads,
    2.I then take most of my make up off with my soap and glory face wipes
    3.Then i wash my face with Neutrogena cleansing pads
    4.Finally i tone using Botanics toner using cotton pads


  5. Hey hunni,
    I use Simple Cleansing wipes, then I use a facial wash followed by toner with a cotton wool pad. then moisturise with face cream and eye cream

  6. 1. I use a baby wipe to take off my make up
    2. I then use clean & clear blackhead scrub
    3. I will then cleanse my face using the clean & clear blackhead cleanser using a cotton wool pad
    4. Then i cleanse using no7 toner for oiley/combination skin using a cotton wool pad
    5. Lastly moisturise using the clean & clear moisturiser

    This is my routine for now, as you can probably tell im trying out the clean and clear products and seeing how they go! But the products i use change quite frequently.

    <3 xox

  7. First I do eye makeup with cotton balls and some random makeup cleanser than I wash my face! I don't normally wear foundation so normal face wash gets my skin clean XD

  8. I use Ultra Bland from LUSH with a muslin cloth and it works a treat!

  9. on the nights i wash my hair (every other night) i exfoliate and use simple refreshing gel facewash.
    On other nights i just use wipes to get rid of makeup and then use a cream cleanser and a toner to cleanse my skin.
    iOn all nights i use Dry Skin sos Moisturiser!

  10. 1. I use the Johnsons 3in1 wipes to remove my makeup
    2. I use my shu uemura cleansing oil to get rid of everything
    3. I tone with LUSH tea tree water (the stuff is amazing!)
    4. I then moisturise with the body shops vitamin E moisture cream and Estee Lauder eye cream :)

    Its working for me so far! :) How do you remove yours?!

  11. Thank you for all your replies Ladies. Its been really interesting reading what all your routines are and what products you use.

    I did a post not long ago about my skincare routine which included how I take my make up off etc, so if any of you are interested you can find it here...


  12. Hi hunny, I've tagged you to do my tag now! I use a cotton pad and eye makeup remover to take my eye makeup off and then a face wipe to get the rest, I don't use toner but I use a lot of night cream before bed :-) xxx

  13. Hiya Jo :)
    I have nominated you for lovely blog award on my blog :) x

  14. I usually remove my eye make up first with either Garnier Clean/soft eye make up remover or L'oreal de-maq expert milk, then i use Lush babyface cleanser and massage it in, wipe off with cotton pads. I then tone with Boots original formula skin tonic, and moisturize with Olay beauty fluid! I have really dry and sensitive skin :-) xxx

  15. hello hello! to tell you the truth my process is very long. first i wash my entire face while focusing on the eyes with johnson's baby shampoo. then use lumene waterproof eye makeup remover (which is the drugstore version of lancome bi-facil). then i do a final washing with my "real" cleanser and sometimes i scrub.

  16. Oil Cleanser followed by some sort of soap and water. Love my cheapie microfibre cloth for washing with though.


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