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16 Nov 2009

Review: L'Oreal Body Expertise Perfect Slim Anti Cellulite Gel

So a few weeks ago, I spotted my first EVER bit of cellulite and I was mortified! I'm guessing this happens to all women right? reassure me here Ladies

In truth, its only a little bit and its not noticeable to anyone else, to the point where I had to sit down and literally put my legs in all different positions for Gareth (my other half) to even notice it, even then he said there was nothing there (its right at the top of my thigh by the way). But the point it.. I saw it and I wasn't happy, so I set out to diminish it. Be gone nasty cellulite!

I decided I wasn't going to spend a fortune on a cream or gel, just for it to probably not even work, so off I popped to ASDA to see what was on offer.

I decided on L'Oreal Body Expertise Perfect Slim Anti Cellulite Gel. Which was reasonable priced at around £8 I think.

L'Oreal Body Expertise Perfect Slim

L'oreal claims "PERFECTSLIM Anti-Cellulite gel-cream has been specially developed to visibly reduce the appearance of cellulite for a lasting effect. Reported effectiveness after 4 weeks with scientifically proven results"

The Application:

L'Oreal Body Expertise Perfect Slim Anti Cellulite Gel review

The gel itself is a blue colour and has a really pleasant smell to it. It is slightly sticky, but not overly sticky. I found it to absorb quite quickly, which was beneficial as I haven't got time to be standing around in my underwear waiting for cream to absorb into my skin before I can get dressed. A leaflet comes inside the box with a method to follow for applying the gel, I threw this away though as the same method is on the back of the tube.

The results and overall opinion:

I've been using this now for around 8 weeks and can honestly say I can see a difference. My cellulite has been reduced and my whole thigh area seems a lot more firmer and toned. I will say though that a lot of effort is needed for this to work though. It does need applying twice daily and the massage technique of applying it does need to be followed. Obviously this is just in my case though, as this is what Ive been doing and can see the benefits. I don't know how this will fair up on an area with a lot of cellulite, to be fair mine was barely noticeable, so I cannot comment on how efficient it would be at tackling a lot of cellulite. Overall I am pleased with the results, although I do think a lot of effort was needed with the application etc. I think that once my tube is finished I'll go on the look out for a more fast acting anti cellulite gel/cream, that I can just slap on, rub in and be done ha. So any recommendation Ladies?

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