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26 Jan 2010

Vanity area.

To be honest its not pretty enough to be a vanity area, its just my little corner of the room really where I put my slap on. Harvey's still in my room, so I don't have that much space with his cot and bits n bobs, but once hes in with Anton, I had an idea how I want it to look. First thing on my list will be a dressing table.

So Ladies... he's where I stand every morning, putting my face on and every evening taking it off again. Bit boring looking, but it'll do for now.

And a side view... with my pimp looking dressing gown on show and one boot.. ha.

My twig lights are actually on in the first picture too, but I guess the flash on the camera killed it. As you can see, its all very plain and boring. The big pink and Black box holds all the make up I tend to reach for most. The mini tower besides is where most of my facial skincare products are, apart from face washes and masks. My hair products and some body products can be found in the top drawer off this chest of drawers too, the rest like my Soap & Glory Items are all in the bathroom. Finally...  the chest of drawers next to that has my perfumes on it, 2 boxes with Nail Polishes in, my filthy brushes, god they look awful... I will clean them tomorrow! ha, my face wipes and 2 make up bags which I use when I go to Gareths.

Have you posted your vanity area? if so link me below. Love noseying at others.


  1. looks so neat and organised compared to mine! <3

  2. I love the pink and black box!!!! Soo organized hon! x

  3. A very pretty little corner ;)

    Looks like you have got A LOT of stuff - you're so lucky!


  4. Love your vanity area babe! The pink/black boxes are gorgeous - everythings so organised!
    I may have to do a post on my vanity area soon! :)
    <3 xoxoxo

  5. Yay for posting your vanity! Thought you said it was messy? It tidy. I quite like your set up, everything has it's place. I love the hot pink and black drawers!

  6. Aww love your little area, so cute and tidy! mines a mess! I live with my boyfriend and Im currently doing up the spare room as my vanity room! I need more space and I have those little plastic drawers too :) xx

  7. looks very neat and tidy hun :) Ikea do some stunning dressers so do check them out!

  8. I love that pink and black box hun, is that one of the WH Smith ones? I'm doing my dressing table/storage post soon when my Muji drawers arrive!! xox

  9. I LOVE your pimp dressing gown! It's going on my to-buy list. As for my makeup's non existant.. I travel back and forth between my mirror and my makeup which makes it a bit of a chore but I will be posting it soon! x

  10. Everything is so neat and organized, love the pink and black Whsmith drawers! x


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