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19 Feb 2010

No7 Natural Radiance Highlighter.

Ok.. I'm well aware this has been doing the rounds on a fair few blogs, but its so gorgeous it just has to be featured on my blog too hehe. I've been wanting this product since it was very first released and have swatched it many times while out in Boots but always thought "do I really need another highlighter, I'm happy with my current one" the more and more I kept seeing it on other women's blogs though I kept regretting not purchasing it. Then eventually it was watching Mizz Worthys YT vid that clinched it for me.

This highlighter simply is stunning. The consistency is so creamy and smooth and the pigmentation is truly amazing. I will admit I haven't tried it on my face yet as I only purchased it yesterday but I'm confident enough to tell you how much I love this product just by swatching it on my hand numerous times. Each time I've swatched it, its lasted on my hand for literally hours and the effect it gives is so stunning. I honestly can't wait to put my make up on tonight and apply it to my cheekbones.

A few people have complained about the packaging of this product, but personally I have no problem with the packaging. Its not really an issue for me, because the product itself is so damn good. Its hardly like anybody is going to see it anyway, I hardly have my make up collection on show for people to marvel at it or to make comments on, plus with how good this product actually is and how long its stayed on me when only being swatched, I highly doubt I'll be taking this product out with me for touch ups through out the day or night.

Have you purchased this product? what do you think?


  1. Wow, it looks great! I'm after a new highlighter, since my Natural Collection highlighter stick is getting rather worse for wear (I use it every single day - nothing like a bit of shimmer to create the illusion of a good nights' sleep! hehe)

    I'm gonna have to add this to my ever-growing wishlist. Thanks for the review! x

  2. It is very lovely!
    I don't think the packaging would have bothered me so much (and it does feel very clunky in the hand) if I hadn't got the eyeshadows as well, tacky packaging and no mirror in an eyshadow palette aaagh. Lovely present to get from my husband though!

  3. Ooh this looks lovely! I was looking at the highlighters last week, because of the free gift you get when you spend £22 offer. I might have to go back and look at them again, I'm desperate for a new highlighter xx

  4. This looks really good!
    I dont mind about packaging its really the product thats the main thing... Even though i love cute packaging loool! =) ox

  5. I'm trying High Beam right now but that one looks great!

  6. This looks lovely! I like the golden finish and the texture which looks nice and silky =)

  7. Ooh that looks really beautiful. Its funny how no7 seem to excell at highlighting products! My fave product of theres is the liquid highlighter that comes with the brush attatched (sorry iv forgotten the name :( ) xxx

  8. that's lovely...havent found my perfect highlighter yet :P

  9. great, it has a beautiful glow but looks still natural. I want to have it :>


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