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17 Feb 2010

Retail Therapy - Its the only kind of Therapy I need.

Well yesterday I was feeling slightly erm... how can I put this, basically fucked off! So I decided to go with Gareth to the Trafford Centre. Nothing can lift my mood more, than a bit of shopping ;)

First port of call was MAC. Gareth told me it was his treat, which made me smile like this -------> : D teeth was out and everything.  I picked up Orb Eyeshadow, because I really needed another Neutral didn't I? Underage Lip Glass and Angel Lipstick.

While I was there I also decided I needed to pick up Pretty Please Lipstick, so I asked the sales assistant for it, only to be told "Never heard of it, we have Please Me, but no Pretty Please" I just stared at her, didn't even know what to say. She then went on to tell me "Have a look at our other Lipsticks again and see if theres anything else you want". I was still staring. Anyway to cut a long story short I told her I knew what I was looking for and I'd order it online instead.

Next up was Lush. Ive only ever tried Lush once before when I bought some of their bubble bars. The first time I used one, I wasn't even that impressed to be honest. Yeah my water for nice and pink and it had a nice faint smell, but I wasn't overly impressed. I obviously continued to use my Bubble bars with each bath though and now for some strange reason I find my self addicted! God knows what it is.. but Ive been itching to get back to LUSH and get some more. I really can't explain what my addiction is, I was more than happy with my Radox to be honest, but now all I want to do is go and shop at LUSH :insert confused face here: has any one else experienced this? or am I just weird? Gotta admit I do like running them under the water though and I do love looking at all the pretty different types in the LUSH shop. Maybe subconsciously I feel like I'm pampering myself?

Anyway...  here's what I picked up. The Ma Bar, kind of appropriate seen as I am a mummy. Bathos and Creamy Candy Bar.

So all in all not a bad nights worth of shopping. Apart from the un-professional service in MAC.



  1. I love Ma Bar! It smells gorgeous. I like that LUSH is nothing amazing, but I keep wanting o buy stuff...weird :)

    I had a MAC MUA not know about a collection that was out. I felt like saying Girl your the trained professional yet I know more than you haha.

  2. I hate when the MUA's are rubbish in MAC! I once asked about buying an empty blush palette and the MUA said 'You can only get it from London'... or I'll just buy it online?
    It's like they don't even go on their own website or Temptalia and do any research or learn about the upcoming collections sometimes!!

  3. Nothing beats the blues like retail therapy! Nice haul:)

  4. Lovely products. I don't really use Lush stuff, mainly because I don't have a bath for the bubble bars and I always forget to use things before they expire!

    I'm ashamed to say I still don't own one piece of MAC. Will I get a beating now? haha x

  5. I bought Angel lippie yesterday too!! How strange :)

    I can't believe the MUA didn't know about Pretty Please! It comes to something when the customer knows more than the trained worker. I looove my Pretty Please so much-hope you get hold of it soon hun :)
    x x

  6. Hope your feeling better today!!
    And what a BIIIATCH at mac? My god.. why?!?! WHy must they be so rude.. it makes a bad mood WORSE! lol

  7. oooh the creamy candy one looks yummy
    and the lipstick looks gorgeous too
    i love ur hauls!!

    love Eliza xxx

  8. Bathos and Creamy Candy Bar are my favourite Lush products! They smell so nice, don't they?! :)

  9. Great haul! Let us know how you get on with those Lush products. I love some and I hate some, so I only buy based on reviews!

  10. Retail therapy rules :). But ugh to clueless SAs.


  11. Ohh, everything looks lovely! I really want underage :) and I agree, nothing makes me happier than shopping does! xo

  12. oooh underage looks pretty. maybe i'll pick that one up soon!

  13. I share your Lush addiction!I was actually thinking about this the other night. I agree, it is wierd. I crave my Lush goodies too, and I don't know why. I have other great bath products from good companies, but I find myself drawn to Lush. Do they put something in there products to make you addicted? haha....
    I mean, here in the US the prices for their stuff isn't that cheap, and to ship it's $10, but I still fantasize about buying more stuff though.I was actually in the store for the first time ever, and got the creamy candy BB too.It smells so good! (I usually order online)
    So all in all, my theory is that they put something in the stuff to make you obsessed (just kidding...I think)

  14. i hate MAC MUAs =( I applied for MAC when I was working on No.7 (Boots) and got knocked back countless times, grrrr! they so dont deserve their jobs, seriously. The ones in Croydon were so, so bad =0/.

    great haul, please do a FOTD using Angel! xx

  15. I like Lush for a treat, I love the Butterball bath bombs, they are sooo moisturising. I can't afford to get it all the time though!

    I can't believe the MAC lady didn't know about that lipstick - I don't own any MAC and I still know it exists x

  16. Ah, I totally agree, there is nothing better than retail therapy, loved the Lip glass you chose. And I know that feeling, going to a shop and people think I don't know what I am talking about...... To bad indeed.

  17. I think that lipstick and gloss are the ones I chose if I win your giveaway! If you say they are awful I m;ight have to change my mind! xx

  18. I love the creamy candy bar!! Lush does make such colourful bath goodies, great for the evironment too :) I had a similar experience with Mac, you would think they would know the products. Then again, some of the assistants I have met just seem more interested in playing the the makeup than serving customers!!
    Emma x

  19. @ Kelly - I used the ma bar earlier and thinks its gorgeous, but don't like how it makes my water look really dirty haha.

    @ Laura Its shocking! It needs to be sorted.

    @ Monica - So true hunny! Its the best feeling ever!

    @ Tali - Sadly not babe, well Im not fucked off anymore but Im full of the bloody flu now! Cant win eh babe.

    @ Eliza - It smells yummy too! I just want to eat it haha.

    @ Netty - They smell divine babe.. cant wait to use them.

    @ Ashwini - I'll be sure to let you know hunny :)

    @ Dreams that Glitter - Cant beat spending those pennies eh hun hehe.

    @ Caitlin and Melly - You should really pick it up Ladies, its so gorgeous.

    @ Moira - The LUSH addiction sure is weird! lol. Cant believe they charge $10 to ship aswell, thats so bad :(

    @ Nooberella - If Im brave enough I'll do a FOTD hehe, you might just get Lips of the day though haha.

    @ Mhairi - Yeah I see them as a treat too hunny, to costly to be anything more.

    @ Clair - Awww you have no bath :( no relaxing baths.. aww hunny :(

    @ Beauty Beau - Hehe now that is strange! Ive not used it yet and Im full of the flu today so no make up for me :(

    @ Cheeries in Syrup - It was so off putting hunny, the SA really didn't have a cle. Shocking.

    Thanks for all your comments Ladies, very much appreciated!


  20. @ Lady Gray - Not had a play with Angel yet, but LOVE Underage, its gorgeous hun!

    @ Computer girl - Semms like its happened to a few people doesn't it. They love playing with the make up... shame they probably dont know what they're using ha!

    @ Fintia - Oh I will do hunny! hehe.


  21. Ooh i luuurve underage its fab for lightening any lippie i have :D Argh silly MUA in MAC never heard of pretty please errmm think she needs to swat up on the brand she works for :S

  22. Yeah for shopping!!! We all deserve to be pampered and pamper ourselves!! =)

  23. First of all, hi! :D New follower, don't want to just pop out of nowhere.

    Sorry to hear you were having a bad day, but I definitely agree. There's nothing like walking around the mall while holding onto bags filled with things that you're anxious to open/try out/use! :D

    That sales associate just lost themselves some commission...but honestly, how can they not know all of the products they're selling?

    Please have some swatches soon!! :D

  24. Yay for shopping! I need another mac l/s as I only own one! Angel looks gorgeous, as does the lipglass. My last mac counter experience was not a good one either! MA Bar is my favourite lush bubble bar, it just smells so yummy! xx

  25. MAC and Lush - perfect combination!

  26. My strange craving for lush products is overtaking my makeup addiction...but the thing is I sometimes can't even bring myself to use them because they look so pretty sitting on my bathroom shelf.. I just pick them up and sniff them all the time!!

  27. Lush & Mac, what more do you need in life :)
    I have MA Bar, but am yet to try it! the other too are yummy though (im a tad Lush adicted at the moment).
    Love the colour of the lipglass

  28. Shopping is called retail therapy for a reason :) So annoying when you get rubbish customer service at MAC, you'd think that they'd train their staff better so they'd know what products are available. Love the colour of underage lipglass, looks like a gorgeous everyday colour. I need to try some next time I go shopping! x

  29. Nice haul lush products are awesome <3

  30. Nice Haul I love lush products <3

  31. Nice haul! Sucks about the MUA's though...we always get collections later than in the US so I usually go and ask them when they'll be arriving and they'll be like...wha? LOL

  32. I've never used Lush before but I heard it was good. Those colors are great!

  33. Oooh nice haul hun!! I'm thinking of getting Underage lipglass :) xxx


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