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18 Feb 2010

So long farewell my darling UGGs... But hello and welcome to my new Emus!

Well if you follow me on Twitter, you might have heard of me dropping a bottle of Purple Nail Polish while out shopping and it going all over my UGGs. I'm not ashamed to say I cried. I cried for 2 days actually and have never felt so gutted in all my life.

I loved and appreciated my UGGs so much. I'm a mother of 2 children, so if it wasn't for Gareth buying me my UGGs, you would have never seen the day when I'd be walking around in a pair of £180 boots. I know that doesn't sound a lot of money to most people, but to me its a hell of a lot.

After experiencing the power of UGGs and knowing how damn comfy they feel when wearing them, and how warm they keep my feet (could push my pram for miles with them babies on!) there was no way I could go back to having a cheap £10 pair of fakes. Sop I found myself in a bit of a situation, there was no way on this earth I just happened to have another £180 lying about to get myself a new pair, so I decided I had to get the next best thing, which are Emus.

I ordered them on Monday and they arrived today... so hello and welcome to my new booties!

I'm really quite surprised at how similar they are to UGGs. The only think I dislike about them is that the inside wool doesn't match the outside colour, as it does with UGGs. Its not really a problem though as you can't really notice it when they are on.

I supposed I should show you a few pics of my darling UGGs too. My poor babies :(

These pics were taking inside, outside in natural light they look so much worse, all purple and glittery :(

Thanks for reading Ladies. The funeral will take place sometime next week. No flowers necessary its just a quite family farewell.


  1. Do you have a Craggs shoe place where you live? They are official Ugg repair specialist and they shampoo them and all sorts. They might be able to make them lot a little better for ya? Worth a try! And it's only £10.

  2. They look just as good and comfy as the uggs!!! x

  3. Ooo.. Im not sure hunny. Im going to google it now and see what I can find out. Thank you very much.


  4. Nice new boots hun! Your poor UGG's though :( My thought will be with you next week for the funeral :) xx

  5. I'm so sorry for your loss....If that happened to my uggs I would be devestated too.

    I hope you have a wonderful comfy, warm-footed future with your new Emus.

  6. You can buy some suede sprays which are coloured (I know Dasco does a black one, not sure about brown) - it won't save your Uggs but it might cover up the purple a bit so you could still wear them xx

  7. Sorry to hear about your Uggs but those looked good!

  8. I totally feel your pain lol 180 is MONEY =s

    Your new booties are adorbale =)

  9. I'm not sure if they're just a Yorkshire based company but I bet you have an official Ugg repairer in your area. Worth a go! xx

  10. I have EMU's I could never afford Uggs - did you get the sheepskin or merino wool ones

  11. Poor Uggs! Yay for the new Emu's though. I have a pair too and love them to bits, mine were a present for my birthday last year, but the insides of mine do match the outside, so they are black all over. Now wouldn't give them up for the world! x

  12. Ohhh i was gunna do a post about getting my new uggs but as a mark of respect ill leave it till 2moro !!!!!!!!!!

  13. AWWW
    I would cry so much!
    I wore mine so much they got a hole hahhaa
    Im following you on twitter now

    loveee the new emus :)

    Eliza x

  14. awww poor uggies! there are few places online you can get it touch with which do ugg repairs so it might be worth looking into it and seeing if they can do anything. I love the emu's though! good choice!xxx

  15. Such a shame about your Uggs, hope the new boots are just as nice x

  16. I'm in love with my £7 cheapo versions so I can only imagine how amazing the real deal must be!

  17. Aww that's horrible. I have a pair of UGGS and my life is not complete without them.

    You could of ordered the actual UGG shampoo and probably have gotten it out. It's $10 through and it literally takes everything out of the boots. Hopefully your Emu's will make your feet happy until you can get another pair : (

  18. please follow me ill follow you in return also having a giveaway to get more followers besure to enter :)

    ur page is super cute btw

  19. Sorry about your Uggs.. perhaps you can start a new trend in the UK by splashing different colors on your Uggs to make them Jackson Pollock-esq Uggs??

  20. If you ever need another pair I suggest Jumbuck. They are only sold through and they are amazing! The quality is much better than UGGs in my opinion. They went on sale quite recently so I bought a few pairs. All set for the neverending Winter we're having. lol


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