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21 Apr 2010

Blog shout out!

I recently stumbled across a lovely Ladies blog, that I thought deserves a mention.

Nikki is a fairly new blogger, but her little blog is coming along so nicely. Obviously its beauty related ;) hehe but Nikki throws in some personal touches too which I love to read. Please head over and have a read of Nikki's blog Ladies, I guarantee you'll like it enough to follow. Nikki's blog can be found HERE.

Hope you're all enjoy the lovely sunshine beautiful Ladies, much love...


  1. She really has a great blog, I became a follower ;) Thanks!

  2. Awwwww, that bought a tear to my eye (And I don't even have PMT! lol). Thanks babe, this is really nice of you :)

  3. Nominated you for a blog award lovely :) x


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