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3 May 2010

A few Superdrug MUA Items.

Now unless you've been like hibernating under a big rock or something, then you will have heard loads of talk and read loads of posts on Superdrugs new £1 make up range, Make Up Academy.

I decided to place an order online this week, as I just couldn't be arsed taking the baby into Manchester town centre (my local one doesn't stock the range) to get some items. Its hell in town with a baby... I want to literally ram my buggy into every one's ankles and punch slow walking people in the back of the head. Anyway...... Onto what I ordered.

Two Nail Polishes in shades 4 and 5.

Shade 4 is a gorgeous mint green and shade 5 in a true coral red. The bottles are a lot smaller than the standard Nail Polishes, but it just makes them look so cute! Already swatched both of these and I can tell you the quality is fantastic for the price, a little watery but for £1 you really can't go wrong.

A blusher in shade 2.

Bit disappointed with this as the swatch of the website is totally off the mark. It looks like its going to be a bit much colour wise for me, but I'll give it a whirl and see what I think.

A Lipstick in shade 9.

Again the swatch was totally not accurate, but surprisingly Ive swatched this on my lips and I really do like it. Which is a bit of a shock and Im normally a nude girl through and through, maybe Im breaking out of my comfort zone a bit eh.

Two Eye shadows in Shades 17 (Matte) and Shade 13 (Pearl).

Really pleased with both of these items. Like other bloggers have mentioned the quality is amazing for £1 and I cannot wait to have a play with these.

Have you tried any MUA products yet? what are your thoughts?


  1. "I want to literally ram my buggy into every one's ankles and punch slow walking people in the back of the head" that made me LOL. Slow walking people are the bane of my existence!

    I'm actually really peed off with Superdrug! I would really love to try MUA but seeing as they have decided that Wales is only good enough to have one store stocking it all the way down Cardiff, I think I'll have to pass :( That and I'm a tight wad who won't pay postage from Superdrugs website ;)

    I've got a couple of the MUA lippies from when they were previously launched and I have to say I love them. Can't wait to see what you think of these once you've had a little play


  2. Wow you are lucky to have a good quality products for that kind of price ;)

    Looking forward to see so MU using this products ;)

  3. Yeah I bought one of each item hehe, got a bit carried away! I love the colours of the eyeliners although the one I bought stained my hand (where I did my swatch for my vid) and even with scrubbing, it was still there the next day!! x

  4. I really can't wait to try some of these! How much was the postage? I'm thinking I might order some so they arrive for when I'm back from Barcelona :) xx

  5. I really wana give their lippies and nail paints a go :) They have a lovely nude lippy hun which you havta try. But I guess you wont be able to find the shade online, you myt havta visit a store!

  6. its actually crazy that theyre just £1 haha

    Love Eliza xxx

  7. That eyeshadow looks like the kind of colour I need.

    I'm going out shopping in a bit so I'll swatch it if Superdrug have managed to stock my local with it.

  8. Ahh! I thought they were only doing it in TC in manchester! And i was in manchester the other day! Pfft! Will have a look next time ^__* - Lovely purchases hun XO

  9. Oooh that lipstick looks pretty :D

  10. cantwait to try!

  11. You planning on trying anymore of these products? All the ones I want at the mo are out of stock they dont fill them up very often at my store anyone else have that problem?

  12. Thanks so much for this post, I purchased one of MUA's lipsticks and did a kind of an anticipatory haul on my blog, and also used your picture -I hope you don't mind, I linked your blog and everything :) take care, girly girl


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