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30 Jun 2010

Creating Volume was never easier - Sebastian Volupte range.

Here I am again... putting more volumizing hair care products to the test. We all want volume in our hair though, right? full voluptuous volume. I know I do which is generally why I am always using volumizing hair products. I want natural looking volume, don't want to be backcombing my hair trying to achieve some volume, I want it to look soft and healthy and move naturally. A lot of volumizing products can tend to leave hair looking stiff and course. I have long hair as well and the volume doesn't tend to last and I end up limp hair after a few hours.

The Volupte range from Sebastian offers three products, a Shampoo, Conditioner and a leave in spray- gel which all promise to achieve 75% more volume when all 3 products are used together. High Impact Volume meets softness.

The Volupt Shampoo and Conditioner consist of revolutionary cushioning particles that will help build volume and enhance your style by using weightless micro-lite technology. The cushion particle technology found in these products works by binding two layers of micro-particles together on the hairs surface. This has the effect of raising the cuticles to create masses of volume and giving an elusive stronger hold.

The shampoo has a really nice scent and the amount of lather it produces is fantastic. I like a shampoo that lathers up a lot, as I know then that my hairs had a good thorough clean. The conditioner again has a really nice scent and rinses out easily. The Gel Spray is designed to use before blow drying to add even more volume. I found it to be non sticky and it applies evenly to my roots. After blow drying is where the results come in, my hair has very noticable volume, I have honestly never achieved such volume just after blow drying. These three products work together on my fine, limp, flyaway hair and add amazing volume along with making my hair soft, healthy looking and with a gorgeous shine. It seriously does not look like any products have been used.

I have also just used the shampoo and conditioner alone to see how they faired up without the Gel Spray. Again I was left with gorgeous, silky shine hair and it was no near near as flat and lifeless as it normally is after washing. I didn't achieve as much volume as I did when using the Gel Spray, but there was definitely noticable volume.

Overall the Volupe range offer 3 fantastic products to turn dull lifeless hair into bouncy, full, volumized hair.


  1. I need to click the back button quickly, I can't afford to buy (but I so want to!)

  2. label m is also a good prosyct to voluinise hair...the sea salt spray is great for summer loose tousled kinda look.


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