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2 Jun 2010

What makes me happy - Entry into Get Lippies Birthday Giveaway.

Louise over @ Get Lippie is holding a truly amazing giveaway which coincides with her upcoming Birthday. Entry for the Giveaway is pretty simple, a post is required to tell Louise all about what makes you happy.

Here's my entry.

When talking about my life, without a doubt my life would simply be nothing without my Children. Now I know every mother probably says exactly the same thing, but I truly believe that if I wouldn't have had my boys my life would be nowhere near as happy and fulfilling as it is now. The joy both my sons bring me is nothing that can ever be explained, there is just simply no words to describe the love I have for Anton and Harvey and the love I receive back from them.

Sometimes I watch them play together, Harvey annoying Anton and wanting all his toys, Anton moaning because hes 9 and his toys are "big boys toys" and Harvey will only break them and the warmth I feel inside and the rush of love that I feel makes me truly the happiest woman alive. I look at them both and sit and watch and I can see some of my own characteristics in them, which is so strange to see. It really is amazing. I was a bit scared to be honest when I found out I was pregnant with Harvey, as I truly didn't know how Anton would react. After all Anton had been an only child for 8 years, been showered with constant love and attention and some of that was obviously going to get taken away as I had to focus on Harvey with him being newborn. Deep down though, when everyone told me Anton would get jealous etc, I knew that wouldn't be the case. I knew that my son knows how much I love him and I knew that both of us would share the love for Harvey together and I was right. The love and protection that Anton has for Harvey is truly heartwarming and is the most  loving thing to watch. He adores Harvey so much and you can see the love in his eyes. It makes me so proud watching them together and knowing I brought Anton up to be the most loving, and caring person. Harvey returns the love and affection so much as well. As soon as Anton walks into the room, Harvey's little eyes light up and hes straight over to his big brother giving him a cuddle. He copies everything Anton does,  making the same noises Anton makes when hes playing, sitting how Anton sits. If Antons lay on the floor watching tele, Harvey will try his best to lie in the same position haha.  

Yeah, being a mum can be tough at times, there is no handbook that comes when you give birth telling you how to be a good parent, but the overwhelming love and sense of protection you feel for your child makes you aim to be the best possible parent you can be. I had my first child Anton at aged 19, I was young. I'd been used to living my life for me, making choices solely for me. I had no real care for money, just used to blow it on the usual stuff, clothes, make up etc, going out clubbing. When Anton came along, everything changed so much. Its hard to describe how utterly amazing but also surreal it is looking down at another human being and knowing you created them, you gave them life. They didn't ask to be brought into this world, but I chose to bring them into this world and you know right from the start that your child is the most precious thing in the whole wide world and you will do whatever it takes to make sure they have the most stable, loving and happy little life.

From what Ive written above I think its clear to understand that even if I had every single possession I own took away me, I wouldn't care in the slightest because as long as I have my boys and the love the three of us share then I'll continue to be the happiest woman alive. Nothing beats all three of us lying in my big bed on a Sunday morning, playing and watching the kids programmes. The laughter we share and the love we all feel for each other is something I will never be able to describe, but its something that I advice every woman to experience, having Children will be the best choice you can ever make.

My boys...

Thanks for reading....


  1. Simply a beautiful post, Jo. Thank you so much for entering, and good luck!

  2. omg this was so cute<3 your children are gorgeous, i hope you win!,X

  3. Oh this is beautiful! Your boys are just gorgeous - but you knew that already! xo

  4. Such a positive upbeat post made me smile :) Gorgeous children beautfuil xx

  5. Lovely post Jo! So, so cute xx

  6. Awww, that's just lovely. Your boys are adorable!

    I nominated you for an award, btw :)


  7. hello.. I can see how much they make you happy.. they're soo lovable boys!
    I wish I'll be mom soon too.. *pray.. :)


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