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7 Jul 2010

Avril Lavignes New Fragrance - Forbidden Rose.

To be honest I don't really tend to be attracted to Celebrity Fragrances. I only have one that I use in my collection, which is Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy. When Im in Boots having a spray of all the fragrances, I can admit I very rarely go near the Celebrity Fragrances for some reason.

Forbidden Rose is Avril Lavignes second Fragrance. The tag line for the fragrance is "Dare to Discover" which is said to be a message for encouraging girls/ladies to push boundaries even further than with the first scent.

"Forbidden Rose is a sparkling fusion of fruity, floral and woody notes that blend together to create a spirited composition. The fragrance opens with the forbidden fruit itself–ever enchanting red apple, enhanced by a delicious wine peach.The story unfolds further with notes of white lotus at the heart, adding a pureness and beauty.The base of the fragrance exudes warmth through vanilla and sweet praline notes. A deep woody accord, emerges at the base completing Forbidden Rose’s captivating tale"
The packaging of the fragrance is actually very pretty. The bottle is created of pale violet glass, with a black rose being the stopper. The next also features a stylish band of silver, decorated with a barbed wire affect. This actually can be removed and doubles up as a ring accessory, which I found to be a nice touch.

Upon first use, It definitely seems as though its more of a night time fragrance. Its musky, definitely floral but also very sweet and spicy. After about 10 minutes though it settles down and the scent changes slightly. It becomes a lot lighter and has a nice clean fresh smell about it, becoming much more wearable for during the day.  I think its a fragrance that could get away with used during the day and also of an evening and is a nice addition to my perfume collection. It currently retails at £20 from Boots. Next time your fragrance shopping Ladies, have a little spray and let me know what you think.

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  1. Ooooh the bottle is cute, I'll definitely check it out when I go to Boots today! Thanks for the great review :).


  2. Omg it's so lovely.. cute.
    is it available in other countries?
    I am in singapore =[

  3. i love this scent!my brother gave it to me for my 18th, (i dropped alot of hints) its soso nice


  4. Well,for me the seduction of scent is very important factor when you choose perfume and I like what's on your post. Anyway,will certainly visit your site more often now so informative.



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