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15 Jul 2010

Clearasil Overnight Products - The review.

2 weeks ago, I posted about Clearasil's Overnight products. I was sent 3 products in the range to try out and give my thoughts on. Now although I don't suffer with terribly bad skin, I don't have acne for example,  I am prone to having breakouts around my chin area, particularly when its "that time of the month". Even though I do think Clearasil is a brand more aimed towards teenagers, spots are spots and Im willing to try anything them helps clear my breakouts up.

The Clearasil Overnight products are formulated to work continuously through the night to fight your spots when your skin is actively in the process of cell regeneration and renewal to help visibly reduce redness and size of existing spots overnight. The 3 products I was sent for review purposes are the Overnight wash, Overnight Serum and Overnight Lotion. As these are products only to be used at night, before bed, I was able to continue to use my current skincare items daily in the mornings.

Picture taken before use of the products

The overnight wash is basically like any other facial wash. It lathers up really well and has a nice medicated scent to it. Its actually a lot more gentle and creamier than I expected it to be and I felt like my skin hadn't been stripped after using it, but I felt like it had been thoroughly cleaned and removed any left over traces of make up and dirt etc. It doesn't leave my skin dry after use but leaves it really fresh and clean. I personally think that if you suffer with spots occasionally or breakouts, then its a nice addition to a skincare routine. It really does feel like it shifts dirt, oil and bacteria which are the main contributors of spots.

When it came to using the next two products, the Serum and the Lotion, I was a bit confused as which to use first. I decided to use the Serum first, as Serum comes first in my normal skincare routine. When first applied the serum does feel a little greasy on the skin. This however doesn't last long and its quickly absorbed. Its nice and light and feels just the same as any other normal facial serum, which actually I wasn't expecting with it being a medicated product. Its caused me no irritations, not left my skin dry and is nice to use.

The lotion is not that much different from the Serum, except slightly thinner. It absorbs nice and easily, leaving no greasy film on my skin and my skin didn't appear greasy or oily the next morning either.

After using all 3 products for the last 3 weeks I can honestly say I am pleased with the results and pleased with the products in general. As previously mentioned, I don't suffer with acne and only suffer with occasional mild breakouts, so I cannot comment on how well these would work for acne sufferers but I think all 3 products would be ideal for someone like myself who basically gets the occasional couple of spots.  After a few days of the using the product the few spots I had, were significantly reduced. The redness had gone down a lot and within a week, my chin area had cleared up. I experienced no drying effect from the products, but I think this was probably due to the fact that the products are only for night use so as I was able to keep to my normal skincare routine in the morning, my skin was still getting the moisture it needed from my regular moisturiser.

Overall the Clearasil Overnight range of products are a welcome addition to my bathroom cabinet and will always be on hand for when I have that dreaded "monthly breakout". I would recommend the products to anyone who suffers with occasional spots or very mild acne.

More information can be found online at the Clearasil Website.


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  1. Great review! I'll definitely check this out when I'm done my millions of bottles of skincare products XD


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