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14 Jul 2010

Colorsport 24 Hour Eyeliner.

Colorsport products are products I always spot while shopping in Boots but I never really pay any attention to them if Im honest. Mainly because Im not really interested in Mascara that supposedly stays put for 30 days and Eyeliner that offers to stay put for 24 hours. I like to take my make up off as soon as Im home and not leaving the house again till the following day, so theres no chance of it being on for more than around8 hours or so.

When I was offered to try Colorsport Waterproof 24 hour eyeliner, I really didn't know what to expect. The main thing I was concerned about was how easy it would be to take off at the end of the day. With it being waterproof and stating to last 24 hours, I was thinking this is going to be a bitch to remove at the end of the day. But nevertheless I thought I'd give it a try.

 Colorsport Waterproof 24 hour eyeliner

At first glance the eyeliner looks exactly like a felt tip pen and if my kids get their hands on this, they'll waste no time drawing mummy a picture with it.

I find these type of Eyeliner easy to use as I can always get really close to both my top lash line and bottom lash line, although I do think you need more of a steady hand that you do when using pencil liner. It goes over shadow nice and easily and gives a really good colour pay off. True black. With regards to staying power, I really had no problems. Admittedly I have no idea if it would last 24 hours, as theres no way my make up is ever going to be on that long, but It lasted well enough for me without no complaints. I found it did fade slightly on my upper lid, but it lasted well on my bottom lash line. Unfortunately I cannot comment how it would last on my waterline, as I only occasionally wear eyeliner on my waterline. I tend to wear it on my upper lid and lower lash line. Removing was a lot easier than I expected as it came on with ease. Probably came off too easily if Im honest, since it is supposed to be waterproof. I couldn't imagine going swimming with this on and it still being in tact afterwards. Overall though, not a bad product. Easy to use and lasts a good average amount of time.

Available In Boots priced at £4.66


  1. hmm sounds interesting! need to check this out

  2. I thought it would be a lot more expensive!

  3. This sounds quite good actually! I've seen them in Boots a few times but never really considered buying them but I might take a look next time :) x

  4. I've just done a review of the colorsport eyebrow definer and I was thinking, hmm i wonder if anyone's done a review of the liner, and strangely enough as soon as I published there this post was in my dashboard! so thank you! xx

  5. Reacted to this product. Was fine the first few days then upper eyelids burned and swelled up. Has now left black lines on my upper lids and they still look sore and red after 4 days.


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