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10 Aug 2010

Competition Entry for Nailene.

Well seen as a I wear false nails constantly and have even been referred to as "The false nail queen" by one of my fellow bloggers *smiles at Yinka* It would be rude of me not to enter Nailenes Blog competition.

 I've tried many brands of false nails in my time and I have never been satisfied. The fit has never been perfect. I would struggle to find a perfect fit for each finger. If I painted my nails the white tip underneath would bubble and start to come off when removing the polish, even when using Acetone free nail polish remover. So after using polish once, I could never just leave them bare for a day and enjoy the whole french manicure look. I was just never happy, until I tried Nailene False Nails.

The nails I purchase over and over again are the "So Natural" ones. Everything about these nails is just perfect! Size wise they are a perfect match, they offer mne a nice comfortable, secure, snug fit and last me up to 10 days.

I love to wear them Natural for that sophisticated french manicure look....

Nailene false nails review

Add a little Nail Stickers and Gems to Jazz them up...

I also love to paint them and never have any problems with the white tip coming off, when removing the polish.

Recently I also tried the French Finish Nails from Nailene and LOVE THEM! They are a little longer than the So Natural nails but they still offer the same snug fit and again last me up to 10 days. I decided to just paint the white tips of the Studio nails a few days ago....

and I love the look I came up with.

Overall its Nailene all the way for me. Once you buy your first pair of Nailene theres no going back!


  1. Aaaabsolutely agree, Nailene are so comfy and agree with you on the whip tip bubbly thing - no mishaps there! :D Excellent quality + value :D

  2. I totally agree hun, I won't wear any other brand now and they last me upto 10 days even when at work (heavy duty wear occuring hehe)


  3. do they do nailene petites hun? You know me and my ridiculous teeny nails hehe!

  4. @ Sarah - You have the tinyiest cutest nails I have ever seen! hehe. But yeah they do have petites, which would look lovely on your nails.


  5. They look so nice and natural!

  6. This is great to know you speak highly of Nailene because a few weeks before my little girl was born i bought the Nailene French polish/finish i cant remember the exact name but they were on sale so bought them. But i havent got round to using them looking after a 10wk old but after hearing the good reviews i might have to get them out and use them :) thanks


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