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27 Aug 2010

Looking back.

At the beginning of this year I posted 10 products that I would like to try in 2010. So I thought I would do an updated post to let you all know if I managed to try any of the products listed.

1. Origins Starting Over anti-aging Moisturiser

It took me long enough, but I am currently using this moisturiser at the moment and a full review will be coming soon.

2. Boots No.7 Time Resisting Day & Night Eye Care

I purchased this months ago and published a full review. I was fairly happy with the product and ended up using all of the gel, but not using the cream.

3. YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick

Since the beginning of the year, Ive purchased two Rouge Voluptes. One of which I ended up selling on a blog sale, as I just didn't reach for it often. I love the formula of these Lipstick and I do think they are well worth the £21 price tag.

4. Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb Extreme

Sadly this hasn't made it into my purchase collection yet. I adore the original though, so I'm still longing to try the extreme.

5. Korres Make Up

Ive tried quite a few Korres products still still don't have any Korres make up in my collection.

6. Lush products.

Back in January I was a Lush virgin, well that has well and truly changed! used quite a few Lush product to date.

7. China Glaze Nail Polish

I now have quite a few bottle of China Glaze in my Nail Polish stash.

8. MAC Well Dressed Blush

I read so many fantastic reviews on this product and when I eventually purchased it I did like it. I soon got bored though and sold it on a blog sale.

9. Inglot Cosmetics.

Ive still not manged to get my hands on anymore Iglot make up. Still loving the Lipsticks I have though.

10. No 10 wasn't a product, it was something I wanted to get back into, which was the gym.

Still not joined again though. Pull your finger out Joanne!

So there we have it. I did actually manage to purchase most products I wanted, but I'm a big fat fail on the gym front!


  1. Joining the gym was my new year resolution. Has it happened? Nope. :(

    Looking forward to the Origins review. Been curious about their products for a while now. xx

  2. I desperately want a Rouge Volupte...I might have to get saving those Boots points! I swatched loads at the airport but wasn't sure enough on which I liked to spend the money. They're so soft and creamy though, I lvoed the texture!

  3. I love Lush personally and just started using it early this year. I need to try China Glaze too.

  4. You must try out more inglot products. Their palettes are relatively inexpensive as compared to MAC and have great quality. Also their nailpaint (even though im an extremely drugstore nailpaint person) is fabulous- the colours just boggle your mind

  5. I demand that you get more Inglot! Right now :D They have some seriously gorgeous shades, and their AMC Shines have the most beautiful texture <3

  6. This is really interesting! I have a few of the bits you've mentioned. I'm currently using the Origins cream (not sure about the smell though!) and I also have Well Dressed and few Inglot bits and pieces. I really like Well Dressed but I think you are a peach cheek girl aren't you? I can see why you might not reach for this if you prefer warmer tones. Lovely post Jo xx

  7. Great BlogPost hun, its interesting to see what other peeps are wanting to try :)

    I am yet to try any Origins products.. are there any you would recommend first??

    I finally tried Victor & Rolf Flowerbomb and loved it very much my taste!! Is the extreme a stronger version then?? I dont know much about this fragrance.

    I really want Michael Kors for women EDP & Bvlgari Rose Essential but they both come with nice price tags!! Im thinking Birthday & Xmas :)

    Sher x

  8. you know, i have been lusting for inglot cosmetics too and i think the only thing saving me from indulging properly is that there is only one shop in england i think. love the concept of the freedom palettes, i wonder for how long i will resist hehe.
    mmmmmmmmm origins tempt me too. never ever bought anything from the range before. i fancy a fancy scrub or something x


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