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9 Aug 2010

Relaxing and day dreaming about Edward - LUSH Twilight Bath Ballistic

The original LUSH Bath Ballistic was created over 20 years ago by one of of the Lush Co-Founders, Mo Constantine. She wanted a product for her Children to put in the bath to successfully send them off to sleep.

Today, this concept has been reinvented. Together with her youngest son Jack, they have created a new version that combines two of Lush's greatest innovations … the bubble bar and the bath ballistic. Combining both products gives the ultimate bath experience.

"The top layer of ballistic mixed with shavings of bubble bar languorously froths around the tub, leaving behind a trail of skin softening foam and bubbles. You then get to the inner ballistic layer that starts to frantically fizz around, shooting different colours into the froth and spinning around like an indoor firework!"

One of the four new Bath Ballistics is Twilight (£2.95)

"Immerse yourself into a nice warm bath and drop in this soothing, meditative lavender and ovaltine bath ballistic. Become entranced as it serenely fizzes around you, enveloping you in a relaxing cloud of fragrance. Starting off a beautiful, hazy pink colour the slow fizzing ballistic froths around to imitate the setting sun, leaving skin softening bubbles looking a little like clouds. The ballistic then gets down to its inner layer, fizzing frantically round the tub and injecting trails of blue with the pinkness, turning the water the deep indigo of a twilight sky. And for those with vampire obsessions, this will help you sleep soundly at night!"

Now being a Twilight fan, this product obviously appealed to me. I'll be honest and admit I didn't really day dream about Edward, Gareth is the only man for me (cue the awwwwwwwww) but I did have the most amazing bath with the twilight Bath Ballistic. As soon as the Ballistic hit the water it just erupted! And frothed into the most amazing swirl of pink and white. The outer part of the Ballistic being made by grated bubble bars. Once it cracked in two I was met with gorgeous blues which did in fact mix with the pink like stated and ended up turning my bath a gorgeous Lavender colour.

The bath was also filled with tiny speckles of glitter, which truly make it look gorgeous. My camera had a hard time trying to pick these up, but I manged to capture them the best I could.

The glitter does not stay on the skin, once out of the bath and dried.

The Lavender really helped to relax me as Lavender oil is one of the bets natural ingredients to aid sleep and help relax the body and mind. The setting of the Lavender coloured water also makes it perfect for a night time bath. My skin felt soft and silky after use and the smell of the product is gorgeous. Basically I loved every minute of my Twilight bath and plan to have many more!

Keep your eyes peeled Ladies as I also have the other 3 Ballistics ready to try out!

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