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1 Aug 2010

Starting today - The mission for bigger boobs with Rodial's Boob Job!

Following a recent post of mine, expressing my need for Rodial Boob Job, you can imagine how freaking excited I was when I received an email shortly afterwards asking me would I like to try the product.
Damn right I want to try it!
That wasn't actually my response, I was much more professional than that, but I was like an excited kid on Twitter, sharing my news with everyone.

Yesterday the product which I'm hoping is going to be my wonder product arrived. My kids were just staring at me with blank faces, thinking mummy's gone a bit mad when I was literally squealing with excitement.

Rodial Boob Job

So today Ladies, my little Journey begins. I will be using the product twice a day for 56 days, in which time I should see a gradual increase in my bust size. After the 56 days I will continue to use the product but only twice weekly.

After 56 days I will be reporting back, letting you Ladies know if my boobies have grown.
Now as much as I would love to show you before and after pictures (with a bra obviously), basically I'm not. Both my sister in laws read my blog, which means my brothers could well read it as well. I really don't think my brothers would like to see their little sisters assets on show for the world to see. I will however provide you with a full and honest update.

Wish me luck Ladies!
Update: 56 days eventually passed and you can find my updated post HERE

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