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25 Sep 2010

Rodial Boob Job Update.

How time flies eh! Its actually been 56 days since I started using Rodial Boob job. So its time to let you ladies know what I think and if I have in fact got bigger boobs! 

How do I know its been 56 days? well I didn't count the days if that's what you're wondering ha. I set a reminder in my phone to let me know when my days were up.

Before I start, I would encourage people who didn't mange to read my previous posts on this product to head over to the my previous post and get yourself familiar with the product and its claims. I wont be including any information about the product on this post, as I've previously posted product information. Today's post is simply the update.

Rodial Boob Job Update

Now I have to be totally honest here and admit that it took me a few weeks to actually get into the habit of applying a cream solely on my boobs. I do apply body moisturiser every morning and night after showering, but it was remembering to apply another cream that I kept forgetting. After around 2-3 weeks though, I was firmly in the routine of applying my "boob cream".

The cream itself is night and light and has a nice pleasant fragrance to it. It absorbs quite fast meaning I can put my bra on soon afterwards without worrying about the cream transferring onto my bra and not actually absorbing into my boobs.

After around a 4 weeks of using is when I started to notice the difference, my boobs became a lot firmer and my bras are actually feeling a bit tighter. They appear to be lifted and a lot more full. Seen as I missed around 3 weeks of constant use at the beginning of my trail, I decided not to have myself measured just yet. As I want to continue using the product for say another month before having my boobs measured.

Am I happy so far? Actually I am. There's not a huge difference, obviously my boobs haven't shot up in size where I look like I have in fact had a boob job. But we have to be realistic here, its not a product that's intended to give you a full on boob job. If this was the case, women wouldn't be forking out on 3 grand for boob jobs, they'd simply be purchasing Rodial. I think its intended to work with what you've got and increase firmness and fill out the breast. Therefore leading to an increase in cup size.

I will be updating in around another month, when I take myself off to get measured.

If you have any questions feel free to comment below and I will try my best to answer your queries.


  1. I just spent my entire morning reading back through pretty much all of your blog! Wish I had found it ages ago but at least I'm following now. Love it!

  2. If you have noticed an increase in firmness then that is a good result. Thanks for the post. Jan

  3. @ Emma - Hi lovely, thank you for your nicecomment. Thats put a nice big smile on my face :)

  4. Hi Jo hope your feeling a tad better.....i think that the massaging your big make a huge difference as it brings all the blood to the surface...when i put (any) body moisturiser and work it in after about a week my skin looks healthier and more toned..its just a pain doing it twice a day!!! So glad your big ladies are looking out boufriend...hahahaha xxx

  5. hi!
    nice blog
    maybe you'll pass by mine too if you have time and follow it?


  6. I'm having exactly the same experience with Pupa Breast Enhancer, including me missing 3 weeks of usage (forgot to take it with me on honeymoon). I'm so annoyed at myself for missing that 3 weeks! I am also noticing firmness and fullness, but not an increase in cup size (yet). That would be a miracle!

    Good luck with the rest of your trial.. I'll be checking in to see how you're getting on compared to my experience with Pupa. They sound pretty similar at the moment!

  7. I found this product online and now I'm trying to decide if I should buy it or not. I understand it's made of naturally occurring phytosterol. I did some reading about phytosterol and it has been linked to cancer as a substance that may bond cancerogens to cells. At this point I'm not sure, obviously someone wouldn't manufacture something that could cause cancer.. then again it has happened before with different products.


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