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30 Dec 2010

Avon Matte Nail Polish - Grey as Cement

I love Matte Nail Polishes. When I need to do my nails and I don't have much time, I always turn to a matte polish as they are just so quick to use. They dry pretty much instantly and normally only one or two coats is needed.

Avon's Matte Polishes are just fantastic! One coat achieved the look below and Im loving the grey on my nails. I never actually thought I would like grey, but as soon as I applied it, I fell in love.

The quality of Avon's mattes is definitely one of the better matte polishes that I have tried. Ive had this on for three days so far and it hasn't chipped on me, which is unusual for a matte, they normally chip like mad after a day or so.

They retail at £6.00 on the Avon website, but are currently on offer for £3.00! Violetta is next on my list, it looks stunning!


  1. I have all 5. Tried 3. With 2 coats they last less than a day before they wear off. Not chip, but wear. As though you have rubbed the nail polish. The grey lasted 2 hours before wear was seen.
    I like the idea, but I don't find them that hard wearing. I'd also like to note I don't do anything but use a mouse. I'm not washing dishes or spend all my time using my hands in harsh conditions. I expect nail polish to last longer than these have.

  2. Ahhh, I have false nails and polish always seems to last really well for me.

  3. Snap Jo i wear false nails so my nails never chip so can last weeks for me :) I think it also depends on how much natrual oils the real nail produces & the condition of the nail as to why they may not last as well.

  4. I have them and love them although I am yet to decide whether the grey one suits my complexion. I've actually just applied the black as night to my nails and it looks fab. Avon nail polishes are on par with some of the pricer brands in my opinion. I keep hearing about matte polish chipping and wearing however I find that they stay on a lot longer then glossy polish and my polish normally chips by the end of the day but my matte stayed perfect for a week. My nails are natural by the way but they have always been healthy and grow very long.


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