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20 Jan 2011

My eyes also love - Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Mask

Sometimes eyes just need a little pick me up - well mine do anyway. I've not been sleeping a lot lately, which is totally my own fault as Ive been reading way too much of a night and hardly getting any sleep. I hate the way a book just grips me and I cannot put it down. The lack of sleep has taken its toll on my eyes and Ive been a puffy mess lately, with the total lack of sleep showing.

Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Mask is a perfect pick me up for tired, puffy, irritated eyes.

"You might be thinking, "Yeah, yeah - another eye mask. What''s the big deal?" Well, aside from the mask''s unbeatable brightening benefits, its ''eye''-tech packaging - exclusive to bliss - is a major breakthrough."

The box contains 4 individual packets of masks. Each packet contains an eye mask in one compartment and a liquid solution in the other. The compartments are air tight which keeps the pads and liquid in perfect condition, until ready to use. The masks are not just standard masks they are marine collagen masks which are infused with vitamins and minerals, which are then freeze-dried to lock them in.

The masks couldn't be easier to use, you simply press the side with the liquid in, until it pops. This then releases the liquid which completely soaks the eye masks so they are ready to use. You then peel back the film and pop a mask on each eye for 15 minutes and relax. Simple!

15 minutes later and all signs of puffiness has completely disappeared and my eyes look and feel so fresh and awake. The pads stay on too, so there's no need to lie down etc and do nothing while they're on, I just go about my daily activities and just hope no one knocks on my front door (that would be embarrassing). As the pads are completely soaked, the liquid does dribble down the face a little, but this is to be expected. I just have a piece of tissue with me to catch the dribbles. Once the pads are removed, there is no need to rinse. If you rinse, then you are just washing away the good ingredients in the liquid. It needs to be left to penetrate into the skin. Just follow with an eye cream after use.

As there's only 4 masks in a pack, they are not something that can be used regularly, they are more of a treatment for the eyes. A once a fortnight thing for example, to give the eyes some much needed pampering. The results are not temporary either. My eyes stay looking in good condition for a few days after using a mask. They are ideal for a special occasion, when you really want to make sure you look your best. I cannot fault these in any way. They are a nice little luxury and perfect for a bit of self pampering.

Available from Bliss online priced at £38.50 for a set of 4 masks.


  1. I used Bliss's anti-puff eye cream (the name completely escapes me) until I realized that maybe if just slept more I wouldn't have puffy eyes. lol. So I stopped, but do swear by their body scrubs. I don't know about their facial skin care line, but thanks for letting us know about this! Have a great one! x NTA @

  2. Sounds really good, I think I might need to give these a try!


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