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9 Jan 2011

Estee Lauder DayWear Advanced

I first became a fan of Estee Lauders DayWear plus around a year ago, when I had a very generous 15ml sample. It worked wonders for my skin and I was very sad to see it go when my pot finished. I had every intention of re-purchasing, but Im a beauty addict, when one product comes to an end, there's always another product I want to try and that cycle continues.

When I was recently sent a sample of the new DayWear Advanced, it immediately brought back all the memories of how good my skin looked when I use the DayWear Plus and I put all my other moisturisers on hold and began using DayWear Advanced.

To look at, it looks no different to the original DayWear, it has the same gorgeous texture, the same faint smell of cucumbers, except it is now formulated with the most effective anti-oxidant power ever, as it aims to defend against and diminish the appearance of signs of premature aging.

 Estee Lauder DayWear Advanced

"Prevent with Super Anti-Oxidant Complex

The all-day Super Anti-Oxidant Complex is so powerful, no anti-oxidant we’ve researched comes close.*

This proprietary complex of skin-essential anti-oxidants—including Vitamins C and E, Eukarion and EGT—is proven to fight free radical damage that can lead to the appearance of premature signs of aging.

Innovative technology allows the Super Anti-Oxidant Complex to be “recycled” all day long, providing continuous anti-oxidant protection long after it would normally be used up.

Protect with Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen

DayWear helps safeguard skin with advanced broad-spectrum sunscreen and our best UVA defence.

Meets the most advanced standards around the world for UVA protection.

By helping defend against damaging UV rays, it helps keep it looking younger, longer.

Diminish the First Signs of Ageing

Works to diminish the appearance of the first signs of ageing—the dullness and fine, dry lines you’re starting to see.

Helps bring out the even-toned radiance of healthy, youthful looking skin.

Enjoy Lasting, Refreshing Moisture

Since dryness can also cause skin to look older faster, DayWear refreshes your skin with deep, long-lasting hydration".

As previously mentioned, as soon as I received a sample of  DayWear Advanced I started using it. Straight away I remembered why I first fell in love with the Original DayWear. The texture is rich and thick yet so lightweight and non greasy and it literally melts into my skin. Although its lightweight, it keeps my face fully moisturised all day long and a little goes a long way. Without a doubt, my 30ml pot is going to last me a good while. It feels luxurious to apply and my make up goes on so smoothly after use. Within a few days of using it, I could definitely notice a difference in my overall complexion. It just seems to really perk up my skin and stops it looking so dull.

I love the fact its packed with powerful antioxidants and I feel comforted knowing that's its working with my skin long after its been applied, to help prevent signs of aging.

Its a moisturiser I would recommend to everybody, as I have no doubts that you will be completely satisfied.

Available from Boots priced at £28 for 30ml.


  1. God i love this stuff.
    the smell reminds me of good times - weird how products have associations don't you think?
    but estee lauder, dont often get it wrong. daywear foundation is also really good.

    love you jo!

    Eliza xoxox

  2. Thats so true, its a smell that makes me feel all warm inside haha. Do you mean double wear foundation hun? if so I LOVE that too.


  3. I always forget about EL I think that because it is always there and has always been around (yes even back in the 1900s when I was around!) I tend to forget about it, that and the fact that the SA's are always that bit too made up for my liking - great helpful post as always. Thankyou Jo. Jan x

  4. I am SO glad you finally got this, remember when I got the last new cream for you and it was shit aaaah I felt so guilty! xx

  5. Hahahaha... It brought me out in a rash and you felt awful! Its funny now thinking back though.

  6. I've been meaning to buy this at duty-free & everytime its sold-out so it must be good.


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