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3 Feb 2011

Guest Post: Phoebe reviews Works With Water help: Clear Skin

A few weeks ago I contacted the lovely Phoebe and asked her would she liked to trial and review some Works With Water help: Clear Skin. I was aware that Phoebe suffers with some skin problems, so I thought she would be the perfect person to trial the product.

help: clear skin is a new product for acne sufferers from a company called Works with Water Neutraceuticals. It’s a 100% natural food supplement treatment that is clinically proven to help clear acne in 6 weeks. An effective alternative to antibiotics and all the harsh acne treatments out there.

Phoebe's Review.

I can’t say I’ve suffered from acne, it’s never gotten to the point where I feel depressed about my appearance. However with blemishes consistently present on my chin for the past 4 years, the opportunity to get them gone would be much appreciated.

Instead of having a serum to apply directly to your acne prone areas, Help: Clear Skin instead comes in the form of a powder, to be added to food or drink. I found it dissolved best in hot food or large quantities of drink. It suggest 250ml as a minimum for it to dissolve, but for the most part it just ended up clumping on the surface of the drink, which, even without adding a taste to the drink, doesn’t make it appealing to take.

The powder is to be taken twice daily which is just one of the problems with the product, I found myself often forgetting to take it, especially the second ‘dose’. Also, with it being a powder, it means you have to have a substantial drink or meal, unlike a serum or a pill which can be applied or taken alone or with just a sip of water.

The packaging is pink and white, perfectly girly and small enough to carry around with you daily but having to whip it out in public and mix a suspect powder into your food leads to endless questions from friends and awkward stares from strangers.

The results;

After being generously provided with five weeks worth of the product, I more or less took it religiously daily. All in all I probably missed six days altogether. Unfortunately I didn’t have the sense to take before and after pictures, but through description, the before was mild breakouts on my forehead and fairly strong, frequent blemishes appearing on my chin. The after? My forehead breakouts have now completely stopped; I no longer even have the little bumps that used to be permanent. Previous acne scarring that had remained on my chin has vanished and the number of blemishes has significantly reduced. I still get a couple of spots over the month, but nothing like it used to be.

I’m really impressed with how it’s left my skin post acne scarring, however for my level of problem skin, it isn’t worth the cost. A week’s worth of product - being one box containing 14 sachets - is currently on offer for £9.71 at Works With Water (, usually retailing at £14.79 for a week. This is something for those serious about their skin, the results will be worth it to those who are in a state of depression about their skin, for mild breakouts and blemishes I would suggest an alternative.

For more information see their Facebook, Twitter or the Works With Water website.

If you're interested in reading about Phoebe's full skincare routine, head over to her blog and read about it here.

Thank you Phoebe for a fantastic and informative review.


  1. I saw this product in cosmopolitan magazine.
    Thanks for posting.

  2. It Sounds like just the product I need. Thank you.

  3. I was sent a few boxes of this. But since found out I have a dairy allergy eughh!! So waiting for the Dr to tell it's still okay to use them!

  4. Wow. Science is just so grand! Look at that :)
    Wish this was around when I was a teenager and suffering from valleys and mountains and red volcanoes just springing up on my face like it was its own awful continent.
    Have a great one! x

  5. For real?!?! This actually works?!?!?! maaan I need somethin to clear up my skin FAST!

  6. i have just ordered some of this to clear up skin for wedding - hope it works!


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