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12 Feb 2011

New foundation love - Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation SPF 10

To put it bluntly - this foundation has just pushed all my other foundations out of the water and become "the one". To me, it is simply perfection.

I have quite a large collection of foundations, all of which I use regularly and rotate often. However, since Clarins Skin Illusion has been in my life, I just want to ignore all my other foundations and wear this one constantly.

Skin Illusion Foundation SPF10. A light reflecting hydrating foundation that perfectly combines mineral and plant active ingredients to create a natural looking complexion. The unique blend of active skin care ingredients continuously hydrates and protects. Your skin, only better.
At the heart of the formula are mineral and plant extracts chosen for their sheerness and affinity with the skin. The result: an incredibly beautiful, radiant and even complexion with a translucent finish that leaves skin feeling moisturized and super-comfortable.

Foundation is a very personal choice, we all have different skin types and we all look for something different in a foundation, but for me everything about this foundation is perfect. It is literally my dream foundation. Its described as a foundation that aims to provide a second skin like feel and for me it certainly does that. The formulation of the foundation is so light and and silky smooth, it applies beautifully and blends like a dream resulting in a gorgeous flawless medium coverage. I like to apply my foundation mainly with my hands and as soon as this makes contact with my skin, it feels amazing. It feels more like Im applying a buttery soft and silky smooth serum, instead of a foundation. For a foundation to be so light and have a feather like feel to it, the coverage that is achieved is fantastic. It covers any blemishes with complete ease and gives my skin the most perfect natural look and feel. An illusion of naturally perfect skin. A look and feel that lasts throughout the day and doesn't wear off as the day progresses.

I do think this foundation is something special and although I want to wear it constantly, I think its just a waste to wear it for day to day wear, when Im just busy with the Children etc. It's my foundation that I turn to when I want to look and feel nothing less than perfect.

I personally think words are not enough with this foundation, it needs to be tried and tested for anyone to understand what I am talking about. If you are searching for your perfect foundation then I definitely recommend you head to your nearest Clarins counter and take a closer look at Skin Illusion.

I would also encourage you to read this fantastic review over on the blog, which goes into a bit more detail on the benefits this foundation offers the skin.

RRP. £24.00


  1. Oh YAY! so glad you've done this post hun, I love the smell! So fresh and the foundation just looks so natural and perfect on the skin! It's a shame my sample is running out fast! But for the price I still think this is great and well worth the pennies! x

  2. Thank you for the post. Sounds like a foundation I'd like.. Will get a sample of this next time I'm in Debenhams/House Of Fraser :)

  3. This sounds fab, think I'll go get it tomorrow maybe or next week :)

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  5. This is the second review I have read on this and both great - Think I will need to have a look :)

  6. I am due to write a post on this, I adore it. Feels like silk and is soooo dewy :) x

  7. I dont use foundation do you think this ones light as im prone to spots?
    great blog


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