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14 Feb 2011

Origins Brighter By Nature™ High-Potency Brightening Skin Peel Pads

As much as I would like to have a professional Glycolic Peel regularly at the salon, the cost always gets in the way, they are not cheap. So for me, the next best thing and a product I am so thankful I have finally introduced in my skincare regime, are Origins Brighter By Nature™ High-Potency Brightening Skin Peel Pads.
Origins Brighter By Nature™ High-Potency Brightening Skin Peel Pads

Origins Brighter By Nature - High potency brightening peel with fruit acids. Help peel away an ageing appearance.
These clinically-proven, skin brightening peel pads claim to rival the instant smoothness and radiance restoring benefits of a professional 30% glycolic peel. Without the redness and pain that goes hand in hand with a professional treatment.

The ingredients of fruit-acid including Blueberry, Goji Berry and Grape Seed Extract helps to peel away dead, damaged surface skin. Basically a fast and thorough exfoliation of the damaged and dead surface skin cells, to reveal fresh, clearer and brighter skin.

The tub contains a total of 40 pads which when used twice a week, provides twenty full weeks of treatment. The pads are made from 75% Rayon, which is a natural fiber sourced from plant-based cellulose. The pads also have a raised texture which really helps to give the face a better exfoliation.

The pad are so easy and quick to use. Twice a week after fully cleansing my face and making sure it is as clean as it can be, I simply swipe a pad all over my face and work into the skin with small circular motions. When Origins say these pads are high potency, they are not kidding. As soon as the pad touches my skin my skins starts tingling, its not an unpleasant tingle by any means, It a tingle which assures me the pads are working with my skin and really giving my skin a through exfoliation and removing all the dead and damaged skin which is on the surface of my skin. I choose to use my pads after my nightly cleansing routine, because as new skin is revealed it is recommended to apply sunscreen after using the pads, if you intend to go outside. I obviously skip this step as Im heading to bed not going outside. I do however apply my usual moisturiser.

The morning after using a pad I can instantly see a difference in my skin. My skin tone is visibly improved and looks a lot smoother, brighter and healthier. As for long term benefits I have noticed a huge improvement. The little bumps under my skin have been really reduced and the few tiny milia spots that I had along my cheekbones have near enough vanished. Although I still need to tackle the odd milia spot I have near my eyes,  Im so pleased that the couple I had on my cheeks have gone.

Without a doubt, these pads will definitely stay part of my skincare routine. They are easy and painless to use and have a really positive effect on my skin. Using these combined with a more gentle exfoliator one a week has really improved my skin.

RRP. £29.00
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