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1 Mar 2011

Megan Fox as the NEW Armani Code Woman.

I have just recived an email with some amazing images that just had to be shared!

Giorgio Armani has announced Megan Fox as the new Code woman, premiering in the new advertising campaign in March 2011.

Megan look absolutly stunning in the soon to be revealed campaigns which will be both print and TV. The campaign was shot in Los Angeles, California in a glass and iron villa whose mystery is enhanced by a breathtaking view of the shimmering city. In the bewitching darkness, night tension fills the air.  A man and a woman are searching for something that they cannot identify.  Fighting the attraction, they slowly surrender to the captivating power of seduction. The story of what will happen next will not be unveiled as they seem to vanish when their eyes meet.

The intrigue continues in a new chapter of the Code saga, Armani Code Sport, the new men's fragrance created by Giorgio Armani, on counter June 2011. A story of the power of a man's body, magnetic as it moves under the surface of the luminous swimming pool at night, a woman waiting for a man. The scented night of Los Angeles is a spell that inevitably draws them together. There is no escape. Seduction is a danger that is worth it.

How sexy are those images!!!!

Dressed in an Armani sequin gown, Megan Fox embodies the sensuality and mystery of the Code woman with her luminous pale complexion and deep red lips. "The signature red, Rouge d'Armani 400 and Luminous Silk Foundation N° 2 add smoulder to Megan Fox's porcelain skin, explains Linda Cantello, Giorgio Armani International Makeup Artist, the talent behind Megan Fox’s fascinating look. The laser cool blue of her eyes is accentuated by the modern smokiness of mixing two shades of eyes to kill intense eyeshadows (N° 2 and N°11). Finished with eyes to kill excess mascara (N°1). Her look is drop dead seduction."

Now please excuse me while I just go and wipe my chin, I think I have been drooling a little too much over the male model in the promo shots.


  1. what happend to her!!! she looks so dif from the first transformers baffles me why pretty girls start messing with their face

  2. Oh wow, love those images.
    Just move Megan out the way in the last one, haha ^_^

  3. oh, what? megan fox was in those pics? *scrolls back up* nevermind her! look at that hot bbbzzz. x

  4. She looks incredible!!!

  5. Megan fox is really my idol and crush! I love her in transformers she is so hot and sexy.


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