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1 Mar 2011

My Mother trials it: Eye Secrets - Instant Eye Tightener

One of the things I have complained about most on my blog is my eyes and how thin the skin is under my eyes. To be honest my eyes are probably the bane of my life. I am constantly trying different eye creams to try and firm the skin. I have the most trouble when trying to purchase under eye concealer, I have to be very careful. If the concealer is the slightest bit too thick it seems to accentuate just how thin the skin is under my eyes and basically ends up looking a mess.

When I was introduced to the new product from Eye Secrets - Instant Eye Tightener (£34.99) I was eager to give it a try.

The products claims to provide instant results without the expense of painful surgery. Based on breakthrough formulations and ingredients such as Aloe, Vitamin B and Collagen, puffiness, wrinkles and dark eye-bags can be reduced is under 1 minute, with resulting claiming to last 10 - 12 hours. Its described on the website as a Face Lift in a bottle.

Sounds too good to be true eh? After reading the above, you can understand that I jumped at the chance to give the product a whirl.

First up the packaging of the product is ideal. The cream comes in an airless pump,which with one pump, provides just enough product for one eye.

When I first tried the product I only used it on one eye, as I wanted to compare both eyes straight after application and throughout the day, so I would be able to see if there was any noticeable difference between both eyes. The cream is much more like a serum in my opinion and it is very light to apply. Upon first application, instantly within a minute I could feel the skin tightening under my eyes. It actually feels quite strange feeling it tighten up and it did make me touch my under eye a lot before I looked in the mirror to see if they felt smoother and tighter. Once I looked in the mirror, I stood examining my eyes for a good 5 minutes. I could see a difference between both eyes, one eye looked a lot more plumped and actually looked a lot firmer. The difference for me was in the feel though. It felt so smooth and tight. As I don't have any under eye wrinkles though, I wanted to test the product out on someone who not only have thin skin under the eyes, but also has wrinkles. So I called on the mother.

My mum is 64, so obviously her eyes are a lot different to mine so she's the perfect person to give this product a run for its money. Once applied on my mum, she was amazed at how tight it felt on her under eye. When the pictures below were taken, we were both eagerly awaiting to see if we noticed a change, with after say 3 minutes we both sure as hell did! I was actually open mouthed and wow-ing at the results. The wrinkles under her eyes just seemed to completely disappear. Lets take a look -

Before -

See any difference? I definitely think there is a clear difference in the before and after pictures. I have to point out though, that when we actually took these pictures, my mum was wearing concealer under her eyes. I actually didn't realise that the product would actually be more beneficial when not used on top of concealer. So tonight we plan to take a few more pictures, when my mum is totally free of make up and provide an update.

Keep a look out for the updated post this week.  New before and after pictures will be added and I will also explain if the resulted lasted for a full 10 hours!


  1. Good lord, 64?! She does not look like a 64 year old at all!

    Huge difference to the eye area - amazing really!

  2. Ohhhh you have just made her day! Thank you!

  3. wow what an amazing product. Your mum looks fab. xx

  4. Wow! That's really impressive! How long does it last?

  5. what an amazing product ! The difference is so obvious . Let us know how long does the result last ya =)

  6. OMG the difference is amazing! Seriously, I don't think I have ever seen an eye product this effective!

  7. Thanks so much! I've just bought some on Amazon and I'm going to give it a go. It's about the only place I have wrinkles. I love the Origin cream in the orange pot too :D


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