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8 Mar 2011

Topshop Core Products - Skin Glow, Powder Foundation and Cream Blusher

Finally I have got around to trying some products from Topshop's Core Make up line, so its time to share my thoughts!

Skin Glow shade light-

I've seen this product raved about on many blogs, so I was looking forward to giving it a try. Its  a lightweight multi reflective fluid which can be used in many ways to highlight the skin. It can be used on the cheekbones, brow bones, or mixed with foundation for all over all glow.

I've used mine both on my cheekbones and also added a tiny amount to my foundation just to perk up my skin a little. When used on the cheekbones, It's very light and easily blended for a nice subtle glow. It gets the thumbs up from me!

Powder Foundation shade Nude 1 -

I've never tried a powder foundation before, so I had no idea if this would work for me and give me the coverage I need at the moment. The powder is very silky and smooth and applies really well and evenly, unfortunately though it doesn't give me the coverage I need at the moment, so instead I have been using it lightly as a powder onto of my foundation. It doesn't leave a powdery look to my skin, or cake on top of my foundation. A light application just seems to work really well.

Cream Blusher in Flush -

This is the first cream blusher I have ever tried and I really like it. It's described as a  lightweight cream to powder blush that melts into the skin giving a natural luminous, radiant finish and the description is spot on! Although the blush looks quite bright in the pan, once applied, it blends beautifully for a gorgeous natural flush to the cheek. For £6 and with a choice of 4 shades, these really are a bargain!

I definitely plan to try out a few more products from the range? any recommendations?


  1. I love the topshop range!! the cream blushes are amazing! I've got 3 of them. Looking forward to try out the 'skin glow'! It's not expensive and they have some good quality make-up products!

  2. I was surprised at how good the topshop products were, i have quite a few things from their collection and i love them. the highlighter in sunbeam is incredible!
    lovely post girly xo.

  3. I love love love the cream blush, I've worn it just about every day since I got it, it's so easy and it looks so natural. x

  4. Topshop's cream blushes were the first I really liked, too. 'Nutmeg' is a great shade, it seems to suit everyone :)

  5. I reviewed some of the new collection stuff last week, then went out and bought a load more cos I was so impressed :-)

    I might have to go back out and buy the cream blusher now too, it looks lovely as does the highlighter!

  6. I have the skin glow in the darker shade and I think it's fab - also really like that it has the pump nozzle - it's quite easy to control the amount you're using.


  7. I have the skin glow in dark.. its lovely! Its meant to be a highlighter but I put it all over the face and it just looks nice and sunkissed with a glow!! I'd deffo recommend!! :)


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