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1 Jun 2011

Laser eye surgery - Have you? do you want to?

My eyesight was the bane of my life for many years. I refused to wear my glasses, except when at home (how vain am I) and spent at least 3 years struggling to see. I was constantly wrong judged as ignorant, as many friends etc would see me out and about and would wave only to be totally ignored because I couldn't see them. I finally decided to get contacts about a year old and it was the best thing I have ever done. However now I would love to take it that one step further and have Laser Eye Surgery at an Ultralase Eye Clinic.

Now I know many people may consider laser eye surgery to be a drastic step, but I personally think it would benefit me in so many ways. I spend a fortune on contact lenses and seen as I will be using them for the rest of my life, I do think the cheaper option for the long run would be to have surgery.

When considering surgery though, I want it done by the best and I definitely think Ultralase are that. I have read many fantastic reviews and having carried about more than 220,000 treatments so far, I know I will be putting my eyesight in reliable hands.

Obviously the procedure doesn't come cheap and it does cost a lot of money to have the surgery done. I like the fact that Ultralase do offer payment plans though, if money is an issue.

As Laser Eye Surgery is something I am really considering, I would love to hear from any of you who are considering Laser eye surgery yourself or have in fact had the procedure done.


  1. i'm thinking about getting laser eye surgery. i don't have the worst eyesight but i find it a lot harder to see and me needing to turn to my glasses a lot more. i dont like wearing my glasses knowing a few years ago i didn't need them. i refuse to believe my eyesight is getting worse :P if it got to the point i had to wear my glasses all the time or needed contacts i would get laser eye surgery instead xx

  2. I would love to have laser surgery too - it's just a matter of plucking up the courage! My brother recently had it done (I can't remember whether he had lasek or lasik) and he was in a lot of pain, which put me off a bit. But a few days of pain for a lifetime of sight, I think it's worth it! x

  3. I know a few family and friends who've had laser eye surgery and they said its the best thing they've ever done and they wish they'd had it done sooner xx

  4. I would/am considering it but I am very squeamish about eyes and I have astigmatism and one eye is minus and one is plus. I think it's just the thought of it that puts me off. Wish I wasn't such a wuss.

  5. i think you should go for it.
    i know what you're going through.
    i've had bad eyes since i was in elementary school.
    i would probably do it in my thirties or so.
    my eyes are still adjusting and changing in terms of prescription.
    but yes, i will do it someday. <3
    good luck with your decision <3

  6. i have considered it for years as wearing glasses/contacts is such a pain! after I night out I really feel too tired to remove my lenses and sanitize them! However, laser eye surgery is not an option for me as I'm astigmatic & the level of my astigmatism can't be corrected. :(

  7. i reallly want it; 3 of my managers at work had it done and loved the results so i want to go to the place that they all went to. clear vision would be so amazing, even though i loooove the different types of glasses out there. i could just rock clear ones without having to pay for expensive lenses


  8. Hi Jo,
    I've not had this done myself but a lady at work did a few years back and she's always saying how glad she is. She never used to be able to wear much eye make up as she never felt it looked right with glasses and irritated her lenses. Now she can see what she's doing and look gorgeous.

    As long as you go somewhere reputable and everything seems OK to you, then go for it :)


  9. I would freaking love to get laser surgery but I'm just too scared. I hate anything to do with eyes, so much so that it took me an age before I got contact lenses because I was scared to touch my own eyes (weird I know!). However contacts make my eyes soooo dry, even the ones that promise not to and I'm too vain to wear glasses out :| xx

  10. I have been strongly considering it for over a year now! I have astigmatism and have been told lasik can correct it. I'm not totally convinced though. I've only had bad eyes for about five years now, so I really want to get them fixed because I can't stand wearing glasses when I drive or watch tv. I guess I'm in denial that my eyesight has gone bad. It never used to be a problem for me!

  11. I'd love to get laser eye surgery, once I save up for it. I'm a bit scared about the part where they slide your eyeballs though!

  12. I'd love to get laser eye surgery but just can't afford it at the moment. Would love to be able to get in my car & not have to put my glasses on! x

  13. It freaks me out. I can touch my eyes for ever but the idea of knowing what they do scares the hell out of me. I am as blind as a bat, I have to wear contacts and I HATE my glasses, not only do I refuse to wear them out of the house I refuse to wear them in because I cannot stand catching sight of myself in the mirror in them.

    In fast last week I had an ulcer on my pupil AGAIN due to prolonged use of my contacts so obvioulsly couldn't wear contacts. I was meeting Sinead to go shopping and I actually wore just one contact in one eye and was practically blind out of the other - just because I couldn't bear to go shopping with glasses on.

    On another note though my mums friends bf had it done last saturday and my mum and dad went round on the monday and he was fine and loving being able to see, not in any pain!


  14. Hi Jo, I was really short sighted (-5 and -4.75) and finally took the plunge and got laser eye surgery earlier this year. It has been amazing! I had loads of concerns before I had the surgery (which is why I put it off for so long) but I've had no complications at all and I'm now 20:15 which is better than 20:20. I've since convinced my sister and husband and a few friends to get it done when they have time/money. I'm always the guinea pig for these kinds of things! I wrote up a review here and keep meaning to write up one final review since having my 2-month check-up (just to say everything's cool with my eyesight now). I would totally recommend getting it done! BTW I had Epi-LASEK done because I didn't like the idea of having a flap cut into my cornea... just doesn't seem right...

  15. As long as you go in with both eyes open (pardon the pun), get all your questions answered, and have clear and realistic expectations about your results - you should should be fine. You, and the others in this thread, may find this guide helpful. It discusses the facts, dispels the myths, and provides the information you need in an unbiased way. Here's to a successful outcome!

  16. I've been wearing glasses since I was about 8 years old. And my eyesight isn't improving as I get older, I'm sorry to say.

    I would LOVE to be able to afford to get my eyesight restored to normal. My brother, who also wore glasses for years, had LES done last month and is really pleased with the results.

    Your vision is a precious thing. Surely corrective procedures like this should be something the health service should cover. Not that the optician industry will agree with me. It would put them out of business.

    Ali x

  17. i gave up smoking and saved the money i would have spent. I looked long and hard into laser eye treatment and decided to go with ultralase.This was 10 years ago and it was the best thing i have ever done.I will not sit in a dentist chair unless i am knocked out so quite squimish. The actual op took about 15 mins and was fine not painfull at all. a bit uncomfortable for 24 hours but nothing worse tham having a bit of grit in your eye.

  18. Hello
    I have read quite a lot of articles on internet in order to get an idea of eye laser surgery. It still freaks me out but the idea of not wearing glasses any more is one of my dream! I am going to take the plunge I reckon. I have booked a free appointment at this clinic in Leeds. Hopefully I'll have the guts to do it and not turned back. I let you know!

  19. I will undertake the laser eye treatment on thursday at a clinic in Leeds, I am so excited and terrifed at the same time. Hope everything will be ok!


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