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18 Aug 2011

Love - Dior Amber Diamond

After months of lusting and deliberation, Dior Amber Diamond is finally mine! I love the look of a highlighter swept across my cheekbones, so it was obvious at some point that I would add the daddy of all highlighters - Amber Diamond, to my collection.

Dior Amber Diamond review

Pricey - but worth it. I'm in love!

I think I need Rose Diamond in my life now.



  1. I want this in the winter! Ahhhh!

  2. Amzing purchase! I feel the need to go swatch it now! xxx

  3. I think I would just look at this and stroke it from time to time - I wouldn't know where to begin with it, but it is very pretty. Jan x

  4. I have been wanting this for ages but have always been put off buying it. I think this will have to be my next purchase. Rose diamond does look lovely too!


  5. This is a beauty, and I want it.. I want both,I love the glamorous feel of Dior products x

  6. I have both and although they're expensive I feel they're worth the price. They're long lasting and always look great. I definitely recommend both! I dropped lots of hints pre birthday and that helped :p x

  7. Its such a gorgeous colour, deffo a great investment :)

  8. I swatched Amber Diamond in House of Fraser last weekend. What a beaut! xx

  9. I love mine so much. I am so glad I bought it. Pricey but a great addition to any makeup collection! x


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