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24 Aug 2011

Smooch Blushers - Kookie Crumble and Peachy

When I heard there was a new make up brand on the block, I was on it. And fast. The name grabbed my attention first - "Smooch" then once I was on the website and saw the prices were pretty reasonable, the blushers started screaming at me to buy them. So two popped into my basket. Kookie Crumble and Peachy.

The packaging of the products is obviously Nars inspired. Sleek black rubberised with the Smooch logo.

Peachy -

Peachy is a gorgeous shade and one that I had no problems with at all. It is a gorgeous peachy/pink and actually quite a lot more pigmented that some of my other peachy/pink blushers. Although its described as a duo blush, I can't see much difference with the two shades apart from the left shade being a bit more shimmery.

Shades swatched separately

Both shades together

Kookie Crumble -

With this I had a problem. You will see from the images below that the lightest shade has scratch marks on it. That is simply because that was my only option to basically get the product to work. I tried swatching it and nothing. No product was coming off at all. It was like it had some sort of film on top of it. Once I scratched the surface though, I could then swatch it. If Im honest, this pissed me off. I feel like Ive had to wreck my product in order to use it. Its fair to say I wasn't happy.

Right shade swatched

Left shade swatched, after it had been scratched

Both shades together

Although this is again described as a duo blush. There's no way I could use the lighter shade as a blush. Possibly as a highlighter, although I haven't tried that yet. When both shades are used together though I do love the end results.

Overall I was pleased with my purchases, just not as pleased as I could have been. I do love the shades, Im just slightly dissapointed that I had to scratch the top layer off one of them, as that really shouldn't have been needed.

Both items can be purchased from Smooch priced at £8.50 each. Although there is a 50% sale off everything at the moment, so I payed £4.25 for each blusher.


  1. I havn't seen this brand in the uk before.... xxx

  2. As far as I know, its an online only brand. Its not stocked in the local high street stores anyway.

  3. Thanks for this Jo - after this and Visionary Beauty's review I am like a bloodhound and won't rest until I have been onto the website. Jan x

  4. I think their products aren't bad. I was sent a few as I'm not a fan of shimmery eyeshadow as such that would be the only thing I wouldn't purchase, but they are quite affordable

  5. I love the idea of duo blushes. I always think there's an element of being able to customise the colour as it suits you. However in practice I think they never end up being that easy to use. I'm really tempted by this brand though - especially the peachy blush - it looks lovely (despite the dodgy Christina aguilera-esque lace type outer packaging! :p) xx

  6. These arent bad for the price I guess, but even with cheaper blushes you dont need to scratch the surface of the blush to get colour pay off. Also I find that they look too powdery, they may look different on the face hmm I dont know. The colours are very pretty though!

  7. I really like the look of peachy, what a shame about the other one, mind you I use to have that same problem with the Chanel Irreelle formula and had to take off the surface, it just looked so wrong having the scrach marks on Chanel! ;)


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