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16 Sep 2011

Kleenex launch a brand new cleansing range!!!

Kleenex goes back to its roots this month and releases a brand new facial cleansing range! The brand that we know and love for their reliable tissue actually started out in beauty and has decided to venture into the world of beauty again and bring us FOUR new products!

Facial Cleansing Wipes and Eye Makeup Removal Wipes:

"These soft, quilted wipes contain natural fibres to provide a gentle and effective cleanse, removing your “mask” at the end of the day. They are suitable even for sensitive skin and the Eye Makeup Removal Wipes effectively remove stubborn waterproof mascaras.  RRP* £2.99 for 24 wipes."

Facial Cloths:

"These gentle, quilted, soft sheets made from natural fibres are not only larger but also softer than cotton wool. They are soft and strong when wet or dry so you can use them not only while applying cleanser and toner, but also while removing face masks and even nail varnish. RRP* £1.99 for 30 cloths."

Shine Absorbing Sheets:

"An essential for every busy woman’s handbag, the Shine Absorbing Sheets provide an efficient and discreet way of blotting excess shine caused by oil that builds up on your skin during the day. The sheets remove the shine without disturbing your makeup so are fantastic for quick touch-ups to keep you looking immaculate. RRP* £2.99 for 50 sheets".

The new range and the facial cloths in particular, take Kleenex back to its beauty heritage. In the 1920’s, the original Kleenex tissues were used to remove cleansing cream or makeup by women who sought a hygienic, disposable and softer alternative to towels or wash cloths. The tissues were a revolution in skincare for women and were dubbed as the “new secret to keeping pretty skin”.

I'll be using all of the above products over the coming weeks and will be sure to let you know my thoughts! Cleansing is the best part of my day for me, I love nothing more than taking off my days make up and relaxing, so Im really excited to give these products a try tonight!


  1. Oooh these look really really good!! I will have to keep my eye out :) xx

  2. I had no idea this was being launched. I will be interested to see what you think of these xx

  3. ooh these are nice, i dont think i've seen these kleenex yet!


  4. Those are all great products! Especially the eye make-up removal wipes. I never knew that there are such. Can't wait to add them to my must haves lists.


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