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29 Nov 2011

Concealer at its finest - Origins Quick Hide! Long Wearing Concealer

About 6 months ago, I was pretty convinced I had found a concealer that I was going to stick with in Dior, I re-purchased twice but then curiosity got the better of me and I wanted to try something new. You know what Im saying don’t you? Its that make up junkie thing, new products always there to tempt us, so along came Origins Quick Hide! Long Wearing Concealer.

Origins Quick Hide! Long Wearing Concealer
Forgive mine for looking a bit tatty with the text rubbing off, but that's just an indication of how long a tube of this stuff lasts!

This is Holy Grail baby! I don’t want any other concealers trying to muscle in now and tempt me away from this... Im in love! The amount of under eye concealers Ive tried is well....... a joke. Ive been happy plenty of times, but not happy enough to stop me thinking “Maybe that one will work a little better”. This time though Im reluctant to try another other concealer for my under eyes as for me, Quick Hide! Is perfection. To simplify it, Im going to list the pros and cons. Well Pro’s to be honest, as I have no cons!

- Light, creamy and easily blendable with fantastic coverage

- Natural looking and SUPER long lasting

- Easy doe-foot applicator which makes it simple to dot the product around the eye area and then use a brush to cover and blend

- Doesn't settle into fine lines, or look chalky

- If my eyes are looking a bit worse for wear with dark shadows etc, I can easily apply more as it builds up so easily and still looks so natural

- Not only do I use it for under my eyes, it doubles up as a fantastic spot concealer too.

- Its only £13 and lasts absolutely ages!

- Shade Light/Medium is the best shade match of concealer Ive come across

Concealer in action! Oh and I don't wear them glasses in public, incase you were wondering.

If you are looking for a new concealer then this is one concealer I highly recommend and at £13.00 it is a bargain! I’d gladly pay more for this, although that doesn't mean I want you to up the price, just in case you’re reading Origins!

Available from Origins online priced at £13.00
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