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7 Dec 2011

Thierry Mugler The Taste of Fragrance Angel

2011 saw the release of a new Thierry Mugler collection Taste of Fragrance (Le Gout du Parfum). The collection consists of the four main Mugler fragrances Angel, Alien, A * Men and Womanity, all of which have been shaen up and have been enriched with a Gourmand note - a taste enhance. Not following? No.. Im not sure I am either its all a bit complicated. Basically they all still smell virtually the same, but with an added erm..... food smell.

The original Angel is one of those scents that has completely divided women over the years. Its a love/hate fragrance. Many women love it while many women literally do hate it. Its definitely an acquired taste. Its strong (like all Mugler scents), sweet and divides opinions like no other fragrance I know. The new taste of Fragrance Angel with its added kick of bitter cocoa powder is going to do just the same I think.

I was going to say if you are a chocolate lover then you will probably love this, then again I guess there's a big difference between liking chocolate and wanting to smell like chocolate. That cocoa scent is VERY apparent and its strong with it. Its distinct and it has completely torn me. I honestly cannot decide what I think of it. Upon that initial spray my first thought was "On no... that's disgusting" It took a long time for it to settle on me and soften. Once it settles though and some of that bitter cocoa scent has dried down, Its not half as strong and off putting. It very sweet but with a kind of dirty twist to it. Really hard to explain. Its definitely not a scent you could purchase for yourself or as a gift for someone else, on a whim. This needs to be sprayed in store and left on the skin a whole day to be able to form an opinion.

Me personally... Im still on the fence. Like I said earlier I honestly cannot decided whether I like it or not. Its going to need a few more outings on my skin for me to get used to it and then decided. Its unlike any other fragrance I have ever smelt and believe me when I say I own a lot of fragrances. Im also intrigued to see what it will smell like on others, so Im roping in a few friends for some smell tests. Hope they are chocolate lovers!


  1. I just saw the word cocoa and went I NEED THIS! Probably not really as I am not the biggest fan of the original.. although the cocoa intrigues me!! The only solution is to do what you suggested and try it in store and walk around with it on!

  2. Yeah definitely Tali. Its getting mixed reviews all over the net, some people adore it, while others despise it.

  3. Am an Angel devotee and this is already on my list of must haves - lucky you!


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