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30 Oct 2012

Collection Big Fake Ultimate Mascara review

Mascara for me is such a baffling product. Eyelashes are just eyelashes right? How can a Mascara produce the most amazing effect on one persons lashes, but then do absolutely nothing for another persons lashes? Fair enough, Mascara can produce far better results on longer lashes, but when two peoples lashes are virtually the same and both end up with different results, this is what puzzles me slightly.

Collection Big Fake Ultimate Mascara is one of those mascaras that has puzzled me. The promise of "triple lash volume which stretches each individual lash for sky-high length" had me really excited to give it a try. My excitement didn't last though once it came to application.

Collection Big Fake Ultimate Mascara review

To be as straight as I can possibly be, this did nothing for my lashes at all. I was expecting big false looking lashes, instead I ended up with my lashes looking like I hadn't even applied any Mascara. I may as well have just left them bare. I just couldn't work with it at all.

Never one to give up, I roped in my niece to try the Mascara too. We both have similar eyes and both have similar eyelashes, god knows where I went wrong, but Liane ended up with the most gorgeous, luscious lashes after just one application.  As she went onto to apply a second and third coat, her lashes looked simply amazing and let me wondering where I was going wrong.

Needless to say, this pissed me off slightly! I wanted the results Liane ended up with. I guess the saying "what works for one, might not work for two" will always apply though.

Have you have tried Big Fake Ultimate? Do let me know your thoughts.


  1. Thanks for letting us know your opinion and feedback with regards to this product, as nowadays, women are will try out loads of mascaras if they promise great results! What mascara do you find the most effective ?

  2. Wow! This is really disappointing. I have seen this product and I was planning of buying it because it claims that it can thicken the lashes. Thanks for letting us know. Maybe i would have stick with my revlon mascara for now.

  3. It didn't live up to its claims for me either. I also did a review for it here

    Maybe I should do what you did and have other people try it too to see what happens. :)


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