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16 Jan 2013

Deep Heat Muscle Rescue Bath Foam

After a long day, there's nothing more that I love than a long hot soak in a red hot bath. Kids in bed. Candles lit. Mums time. Love it.

Recently I've been suffering with slight back ache every so often, so I thought I would give Deep Heat's Muscle Rescue Bath Foam a try.  Its described as the perfect product to use after exercise or a hard day. Just what the body needs.

The description is pretty spot on! Scented with a mix of rosemary, orange and patchouli, the scent helps to relax the mind while the product itself works to ease all tension and aches on the body, with the help of electrolyte minerals in the ingredients. Electrolyte minerals have been widely used for centuries in aquatherapy to help rebalance and revive tense, aching muscles Its definitely a handy product to have on the bathroom shelf, whether it be used after a long stressful work day, a work out at the gym, or to help ease any other more serious condition such as Arthritis etc.

More information on Electrolyte minerals can be found here.

Available to purchase from Boots priced at £5.49


  1. Just told my boyfriend about this and he said it sounds incredible - but not on his balls haha!! x

    1. Hahahahaha. I'll get mine to use it and report back!


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