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25 Jan 2013

The answer to bad breath? CB12 Mouth Rinse review

Bad breath (Halitosis) is one of those things that people never like to talk about. Its fair to say though that most people will suffer with it at some point in their lives. It may not be an on-going thing, it could simply be a touch of morning breath, which near enough everyone suffers with as it's a normal reaction to the mouth becoming dry and stagnate overnight. Whatever the case may be, Its a touchy subject and one that's normally avoided.

Although I don't have bad breath myself, well I don't think I do anyway... I took on the offer to to try a new mouth rinse specifically targeted for bad breath.

CB12 is a new, unique, long-lasting mouth rinse which claims to be proven to prevent and neutralise bad breath.

CB12 neutralises the substances and processes that cause bad breath by combating all three ‘volatile sulphur compounds’ (VSC) gases that cause bad breath instead of simply masking the smell for a short period of time. The unique combination of Zinc and Chlorhexidine in CB12 targets the ‘VSCs’ from exhaled air and neutralises bad breath. CB12 also contains fluoride to help prevent tooth decay.

 CB12 Mouth Rinse

The rinse is avaible in in two flavours - Regular Mint/Menthol and Mild. Obviously the mild one is not as strong tasting as the regualr one, both work in exactly the same way though. The only difference is the taste. Each bottle contains 25 doses of 10ml

Like previously mentioned, I don't think I have bad breath, but Im not ashamed to say I do suffer sometimes with the dreaded morning breath. With CB12 claiming that studies have proved that CB12 is effective for at least 12 hours, I decided the best way for me to use it and to see if it differs from other brands, was to use it just before going to sleep at night. This way was the easiest way for me to test the claims of the rinse being effective for 12 hours, as on average I sleep for 7 hours, which is well within the 12 hour time frame.

Normally after brushing at night, I use inter-dental brushes and then use a mouth wash. Sometimes I am still faced with the dreaded morning breath though, its just one of those things I guess. After using CB12, it clearly is a lot more effective than other rival brands on the market. No morning breath has surfaced since Ive been using this and just to be sure, I roped my boyfriend it to do a breath test every morning. Its a good job he loves me eh!

I also drink a lot of coffee and sometimes Im aware of a slight "coffee breath" smell. After brushing and rinsing in the morning with CB12, I've not had the slightest hint of coffee breath even hours after using the product. That's impressive!

The only downside for some would be the price, with a 50ml bottle costing £14.50 from Boots. As with most products though, you get what you pay for. Which is a quality product, that lives up to its claims. Most other mouth rinses on the market, are a lot cheaper, but don't offer such impressive results as CB12.

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