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21 Jan 2013

Vichy Normaderm Anti-Ageing - Anti-Imperfection - Anti-Wrinkle Resurfacing Care

When it comes to my skin, generally Im blemish free. I do have blemish prone skin though and every so often it does decide to throw a breakout my way. When this happens I do have specific products I use to treat the breakout and help clear it up. The one product I was lacking though, was a moisturiser to use during this particular time. There's plenty of moisturisers out there for blemish prone skin, but as Im 31 I do like to use an anti ageing moisturiser constantly. So basically I needed a product that not only covers all my anti ageing needs and keeps them dreaded wrinkles at bay, but also tackles my blemish prone skin.

This where Vichy Normaderm Anti-Ageing - Anti-Imperfection - Anti-Wrinkle Resurfacing Care (what a mouthful!) came to my rescue. A moisturiser that battle's imperfections and wrinkles in one step.

Vichy Normaderm Anti-Ageing

To fight against imperfection the product contains LHA and glycolic acid. Two ingredients that gently exfoliate the epidermis while unclogging pores and encouraging cell renewal. To cover the anti ageing side of things,  antioxidant Vitamin Cg is included, a synthetic form of Vitamin C which is highly recognised for its ability to firm the skin and fight against oxidative stress and damage. Vitamin Cg penetrates the dermal layer of skin where it stimulates the production of new collagen and fibroblasts.

For the past 3 weeks I have been using this instead of my usual daily moisturiser and noticed my skin start to clear up and improve after only a couple of days of use. It also seems to be preventing my hormonal breakout appearing, which would have normally happened in the last week or so seen as "that time of the month" is approaching. Its light and non greasy to use and soaks into the skin immediately leaving a matte finish. Perfect for me and my oily tzone. I've also noticed that my foundation seems to last a little longer when using this too. Which is a bonus.

Overall I've got no complaints at all. This actually seems to be the perfect moisturiser for my skin and addresses all my skincare needs. The only downside I can think of, is that it contains no SPF. This doesn't bother me though, as my foundation contains SPF, so Im still protected.

Pro's -

  • Targets both anti ageing and imperfections
  • Light and non greasy
  • Mattes the skin prior to foundation application
  • A unique product with a purse friendly price tag
Con's -

  • No SPF
In conclusion, the perfect product to have at hand for when my skin is playing up.

Available to purchase from Escentual priced at £12.75


  1. This sounds like something I need to try. I am always on the hunt for a moisturiser that hydrates but also isn't to heavy and helps with break outs. x


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