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7 Feb 2013

Saving my skin and my health - Quitting smoking.

I'm guessing I don't need to sit here and write about the effect smoking has on the lungs and heart. I guess its pretty much known to everyone. I'm not that sure many people know or realise the effect smoking has on the skin though. I'll list a few. 

  • Dehydrates and deprives the skin of oxygen
  • Depletes the collagen in the skin
  • Ages the appearance. Changes the skin, hair and teeth. (The term "smokers face" is actually listed in the Medical Dictionary)
  • Causes loss of elasticity
  • Thins the skin

I am a smoker. Each time I light a cigarette, the threat of Cancer and the probable threat of approximately 25 other diseases plays on my mind.  I'm also concerned about the effects it is having on my skin. I take great care looking after my skin and spend a fair amount of money on skincare products. I'm starting to think I'm just wasting my time though, as I smoke. Smoking is gonna effect my skin no matter what.

Quitting smoking is not easy though. Its a hard task to undertake. I've quit twice. Both times for 9 months while pregnant with my boys. You're probably wondering why I find it so hard to quit then seen as Ive done it twice. When pregnant, I have no choice. My needs don't come first, my child's do. So I found it easy to quit while pregnant. As soon as both my boys were born though, within weeks I was smoking again. Maybe because I could? who knows. Once I started again, my addiction was back.

I've tried various ways to quit. Nicotine patches, Nicotine gum, cold turkey (which I did while pregnant... but cannot do for the life of me while not pregnant) I've been there and done them all. Along side the addiction to nicotine,  I think its the action of smoking that plays a big part too. The  mind and body became accustomed to the physical act of smoking. The hand to mouth action. The brains associates it with pleasure or stress-relief. To substitute that hand to mouth action, I've decided to try something different. Nicolites Disposable Electronic Cigarette.

Nicolites Disposable Cigarette is the same size as a traditional cigarette yet provides the smoking equivalent of 20 cigarettes

Nicolites Disposable Cigarettes are ready to use straight out of the packaging, and can be disposed of once empty - no need to worry about charging a battery or replacing cartomisers!

Nicolites Disposable Cigarette uses advanced microelectronic technology to provide smokers with a safer alternative to ordinary cigarettes. When inhaled upon, liquid nicotine is heated and turned to vapour, giving smokers the nicotine dose but without 4000 known toxic substances and chemicals found in tobacco smoke.

Basically, Its just like a real cigarette without the tar, tobacco and the other 4000 substances found in tobacco smoke. Its slightly heavier than a normal cigarette, which is obviously expected and has a slight different taste, I;d say it's a little bit harsher than a real cigarette. It does the job at giving me my nicotine hit though and as its a little harsher, 2-3 puffs on it substitutes a full cigarette for me. One thing I'm unsure about though, is the way the end lights up when inhaling. I'm actually scared to use it in a supermarket or a restaurant after a meal, in case I get thrown out for smoking! If it was a bit more discreet it'd be perfect. I could have a little puff anywhere I wanted and no one would know. Although it says its a 20 cigarettes equivalent, one disposable nicolite lasts me a long longer than 20 cigarettes do. Maybe because I only have 3-4 puffs to substitute a real cigarette. Either way, I'm saving money.

Although I haven't given up completely, I'm well on my way and I'm proud of myself for the amount of cigarettes Ive cut down on daily. I now only have two normal cigarettes. One in the morning and one in the evening before bed.

I definitely think they are worth a try if you're trying to stop smoking. Even if it just helps cut down and a few cigarettes, smoking 5 a day is better than smoking 10 a day.

Available to purchase online from priced at £3.95. Bargain!

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  1. Well done and keep it up. I am a social smoker, so only smoke on nights out or when I'm with friends that smoke. I haven't had one this year so far and I am trying to keep that way. Tomorrow will be the big test as I am going for a big night out and thats when I smoke the most.
    Good luck with it lovely. x


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