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18 Oct 2013

Max Factor Whipped Cream Foundation review

Before I even start writing my thoughts on this foundation, I thought I’d share the fact that I really need a Morrison’s Cream Donut right about now. I can’t even write the word “cream” without thinking about cakes. Damn diet.

Anyway, back to makeup talk.

I’m really quite fond of Max Factor’s new Whipped Cream Foundation. Normally I would steer clear of mousse type foundations, as they don’t offer me the coverage I need. But since my skin is in tip top condition at the moment, I thought I would give one a try.

Max Factor Whipped Cream Foundation review
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Max Factor Whipped Cream Foundation in Light Ivory

When using a foundation for the first time, I always apply with my fingers (my preferred method of application). This way I can get a feel for it and figure out if I can stay using it with my fingers, or whether it would work best with a brush.  The texture of this is so light and it spreads an blends so easily, that It’s ideal to apply with my fingers. I find it offers a light/medium coverage, with a semi-matte finish and evens out my skin tone beautifully. 

I always find Max Factor foundations match my skin tone really well, so with this being as light as air to apply and matching my skin perfectly,  I am left with a near enough flawless air brushed finish. I would say that no powder needs to be applied after application, although I still like to add a very light dusting of powder, as my foundation never feels finished until my powder is applied. Basically, it’s all about personal preference. I always go with a light powder when wearing this though.

Overall it’s a winner for me and another high street foundation that ticks all my boxes. 

RRP £9.99 Currently on offer at Boots for £7.99

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