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24 Jun 2015

The mask that gives a glow - Aveda Tourmaline Charged Radiance Masque

Considering the fact that I'm currently 6 months pregnant, My skin doesn't seem to be seeing this so called "pregnancy glow" that I hear so much about. You know the one - that radiant flawless glow that supposedly comes with pregnancy. I did infact Google it, as I needed to know if it was infact a real thing - and to my surprise it is.

Apparently, while pregnant the amount of blood in the body will increase by 50%, this extra blood ends up showing through the skin, particularly around the cheeks. Also, hormones cause the oil glands to become more active, which then results in a softer shinier appearance.

Interesting. So let me just ask - where's my friggin glow then?! because I'm definitely not seeing one. Not a natural one anyway. The only way I'm managing to get a glow, is with some of the skincare products I'm currently using. One being Aveda's Tourmaline Charged Radiance Masque (£30.00 for 125ml)

I initially purchased it expecting it to help my dull skin look more alive and radiant - anything with radiance in the name and I'm all over it - but it does so much more. The Finely powdered Tourmaline boosts skin radiance and naturally exfoliates away dull skin cells. The Avocado Oil and Muru Butter soothe and hydrate, while anti-oxidant lycopene, which is from tomatoes helps to protect the skin.

I use it generally about twice a week and each time my skin is left feeling so soft and smooth as well as looking and feeling completely hydrated. Its the next morning that I really notice the difference though and my skin really does glow. Trying to explain the phrase "glowing skin" isn't easy if I'm honest, basically I wake up to colour in my cheeks and soft, dewy, fresh, rivatalised and healthy looking skin. Instead of dull greyish, worn out looking skin.

Although it isn't the cheapest mask on the market, for me personally its worth every penny.

What products do you use to achieve glowing skin?

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