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30 something  mother of two, sharing her love for beauty products. It doesn't get much simpler.

This is a personal blog, which I created way back in 2009. I've always had a huge interest in Makeup and Skincare products and would regularly search online for reviews of products before I purchased them, this led me to start publishing my own reviews and Beautylicious Love was born. I do not have any professional qualifications related to beauty and make up, however I have a good few years of experience and experimenting behind me. I am constantly trying out new products on my search for a miracle eye cream or a holy grail moisturiser. I have a big obsession with the whole aging process and take great care in looking after my skin. I believe that prevention is better than cure. The reviews I provide are ALWAYS honest and Impartial. Although I do occassionally get sent pr samples, they are reviewed just the same way as I would review a product that I purchased myself. If I like it - I'll say. If I don't like it - I'll say. I have never and never will accept money in return for a review of a product. I'm not here to cheat the people who have supported me over the years by reading my blog.

Providing honest reviews is what my blog is based on. All opinions given are my own. Please bear in mind what might work well for me, might not work well for others. I do not aim to influence people in anyway, I am merely stating my own personal experience with  certain products.

All pictures used in my blog are property of myself or their respective owners. I normally take all my own pictures but on the odd occasion I may use google images to submit a picture. Any unauthorised copying, reproduction, republishing, posting or duplicating of any of the material on my blog is prohibited without express written permission from myself. You are not allowed to reproduce, sell, and modify any part of this Blog. You are welcome to link to this blog, and to discuss its contents in a respectful manner. If you do quote or link to my Blog, please include my Blog’s name in your link. If you are interested in obtaining permission to copy portions of the Blog, please submit your request to myself at the email address given under my contact tab.

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